Friday, October 14, 2011

Painwheel (Skullgirls)

Kinda sexy... definitely scary!

The last time I posted about Skullgirls was for the fetching barefoot catgirl Miss Fortune. Well, here's another SG post as they introduce another barefoot babe in the roster- the scary but strangely sexy Painwheel! Yes, indeed, this babe's design is quite on the creepy and twisted side, what with her 'roid-raging physique, Leatherface-style mask and, oh, that giant rotor sprouting from her back. That all said, her costume is pretty skimpy and sexy, and, well, nicely enough she's barefoot and despite being a bit feral has the good fashion sense to put on some nice black nail polish (which should please quite a few out there).

In spite of her frightening appearance, deep inside this deadly bio-weapon is a schoolgirl who's still fighting to regain her soul and freedom. In that, I'm sure behind that leather mask is a beauty worth saving, and therefore worth worshipping. I'm actually gravitating more to this lethal babe more than I was to the feline fatale, so we'll see how she turns out once gameplay videos become available. For now, check over here for more character art.

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  1. Like any good horror female character, this girl definitely has my heart beating faster. I can't decide whether it is from being attracted to her or creeped by her. I'm sure its a little bit of both. Great post Sole Keeper. ^_^