Friday, October 14, 2011

Ibuki:Barefoot Bikini Ninja! (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Sloth86's awesome Vanille mod becomes godlike with the addition of barefoot bikini versions!

It's been a bit quiet lately, which I have to apologize for- been too preoccupied with some new games. Anyway, I can say I've been saving up for a really nice update, and well, here it is. Let me just say this- ALL HAIL SLOTH86! Yet again, the Master of Barefoot Mods comes through with a wonderful update to his Vanille skin (from Final Fantasy XIII) for Ibuki. This new version completes the whole set of 10 colors, for starters, but even better, fully half of them are barefoot versions. While Colors 1 to 4 are different color variants of Vanille herself, 5 is Ibuki in Vanille's costume, and 6 to 8 are Ibuki in Vanille's outfit with her semi-barefoot bandage wraps. The best ones, of course, are 9 and 10. Color 9 is a barefoot, bikini/underwear-clad Vanille, while Color 10 is barefoot bikini/underwear-clad Ibuki.

FINALLY, as many foot-loving fans of the ninja princess have been wishing for, we now have the lovely schoolgirl kunoichi sans her trademark bandages and, even better, in a very sexy costume to match up to Chun-Li, Cammy, Makoto, Rose, Viper and Juri. And she certainly looks truly lovely in her bikini/undies, showing off her hot, ninja-toned body and big, beautiful toes and soles in their entirety. And yes, Sloth's work is flawless here as always!

I'm sure all of us footfans here have been indeed dreaming of peeling off those intrusive wraps for all these years, and now Sloth86 has made it come to pass. Just imagine those lovely, strong, perfect and totally-bare soles headed for your face, catching you in mid-smile. More than ever, I am so happy I invested in this game, in these totally priceless mods and unparalleled barefoot babedom. Man, I love being a foot-loving gamer.

Anyway, enjoy the vids below as we see the now-totally barefoot and totally hot bikini ninja babe take on all comers in a new series of UnderWars matches! Enjoy the hot bods, hot soles and sexy knockouts!!!

Finally, lbuki faces off with her fated rival Makoto (Lightning) on equal terms ( and equally skimpy attire).

Ibuki's next target is the lovely Chun-Li. But can she defeat the woman who trounced the Spanish Ninja?

Bikini-clad vixen Juri is next on Ibuki's list of targets... to knock out and draw graffiti on her soles... heheh.

Ibuki's bikini-clad speed has so far gotten her through... but will even she be fast enough to beat the Bikini Killer Bee?

Well, no matter who wins, all these babes are winners for us- but this is the cute kunoichi's moment to shine. Everyone of you, pucker up and give her ninja feet the worship they deserve! More bikini ninja action to come!


  1. Another epic post Sole! I have to say it's mods like this that make me also love being a fellow foot-loving gamer much like you Sole.

  2. O_O So awesome. Always dreamed of seeing Vanielle barefoot. :-D Even cooler when I realize I'm seeing Ibuki barefoot at the same time. Great set of videoclips involving her and the other SF girl too. :-D