Friday, October 28, 2011

Makoto 'Underwear' Mod (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Makoto's not Lightning here, but still electrifying!

We've already seen the feisty Makoto show off her sexy bod in Sloth86's awesome FFXIII 'Lightning' mod... but there, she had on a different hairstyle and skin color. It actually wasn't really Makoto, in a way. Sadly, the mod didn't have Makoto as herself in the sexy barefoot bikini-style outfit. So even though I love the Lightning mod to pieces, I've always wondered how fetching Makoto herself would look sans her karate gi. Well, wonder no more!

Thanks to new modder Basara669, we've got just that- Makoto out of her baggy karate uniform and sporting a red sports bra and matching panties. How does the tomboy look? As you can see in the preview pic above, she looks pretty hot indeed! This mod was actually modified from Sloth86's stuff- it's not as polished as the Maestro Modder's masterpieces, but Basara669 certainly has promise. Maybe someday he can fill out the mod with all 10 color variants (as of right now, you can only use Color 1- choosing others will crash the game).

Anyway, Makoto's really fetching this way, which I think she stands up quite nicely to all the other girls in SSFIVAE (I still think that she's uber-hot as Lightning though). For now, check out these match vids as Makoto takes on the other barefoot bikini babes of SSFIVAE in sexy combat!

Makoto may not be as graceful as Chun-Li, but she's definitely just as sexy... and strong!

Makoto faces off with SSFIV's first barefoot bikini hottie, Escape from Shadaloo Cammy. Who will end up on top?

Makoto takes on Juri, who's gob-smackingly hot in these vids, but also pretty fragile...

Makoto takes on her ultimate rival/friend, Ibuki. Who's cuter now that they're both barefoot and bikini-clad? I WANT 'EM BOTH!!!

Have to say, Makoto's really a vision to see in action in her bikini, as herself. Makes you want to just kneel down and give those big, beautiful soles and toes of hers all the worship you can... if she doesn't kick your face in first though! But as cute at it is, I'll probably go back to Sloth86's more polished Lightning mod soon for my SSFIVAE Makoto. In any case, there's a LOT more new stuff to come very soon from the master modder, footfans... count on that very soon... Heheh...


  1. Total barefoot street fighter hottie overload. O_O I really need a cold shower.

  2. Yep! ^___^ I hope the modder, Basara669, continues working on the mod- I'd love to see more colors or textures, and more polish.

  3. I am REALLY liking this mod here, There's nothing better than seeing a sexy barefoot babe like Makoto in her undies!