Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lightning vs Vanille: Barefoot Fantasy Fights! (Super Streetfighter IV AE PC, Final Fantasy XIII)

Here's a requested series of match vids from the uber-awesome Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition PC that uses two wonderfully hot mods. Actually, it's a no-brainer of a match-up: Lightning, the heroine of Final Fantasy XIII, takes on her in-game ally Oerba Dia Vanille AKA Vanille in sexy, underwear-clad, barefooted brawls! So now we can settle a secret rivalry that built up between these two FF babes ever since their adventures in Cocoon! Well, of course, it's actually just karate kid Makoto and her longtime rival/friend, ninja girl Ibuki under that FF cosplay, but these mods are so good, they may as well be actual characters from Square's flagship RPG injected into the Streetfighter world. That's all thanks to the creator of these awesome custom skins, Sloth86, who's still hard at work producing more goodies for us footfans to enjoy.

Anyway, who will prevail and stand with her unconscious opponent slumbering quietly beneath her super-hot soles? Will it be Lightning/Makoto or Vanille/Ibuki? Pick your fave and watch the vids to the end! Of course whoever ends up standing at the end, the real winners are us, the footfans. Be sure to give both of these barefoot hotties the worship on their perfect peds afterwards, all right? Enjoy!

I really can't decide whom I find more fetching now that they're both in hot bikinis/undies and fully barefoot. Well, there's more than enough room in my footfan's heart for both Makoto and Ibuki. Is that so wrong? Heheh... more to come soon!


  1. :-D That is beyond awesome. Not only are we treated to a barefoot Ibuki and Makoto, we're treated to a barefoot Lightning and Vanille at the same time. I've always fantasized about seeing the feet of the FFXIII girls so these clips are really awesome to see. Thanks very much for posting them Sole Keeper. ^_^

  2. Amazing post indeed! Can't wait for MOAR!

  3. Haha, yeah, if only Square had more barefoot scenes in its games! Although, we all know it's had a few notable ones...