Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sakura 'Swimmer' Mod (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Finally, Sakura joins the rest of the Barefoot Bathing Babe Brawl!

It's been a while since the SSFIV AE PC modding craze started, and since then we've seen stuff that we've only dreamed of. Well, thanks to this latest mod by Sloth86, I'm sure a lot of foot-loving SF fans' wishes have now been granted. Yeah, we've already been treated to a barefoot Sakura Kasugano care of the awesome 'Ryu Outfit' mod... but now FINALLY the lovely martial artist shows off not just her soles and toes but her hot and toned bod as well with the Sakura 'Swimmer' mod!

Ryu's No.1 Fan and Shotokan Schoolgirl Sakura now takes to the battle arena wearing the ubiquitous School Swimsuit and bathing cap. The ensemble is certainly cute and reminds me of Kasumi from the classic PSX fighter Dead or Alive. But for those not liking the cap, don't worry- fully five of the 10 color variant suits have Sakura without the headgear so we have a nice choice. Plus the suits are available in several nice colors and designs, some of which are branded which is a nice bit of detail. Variants 9 and 10 are particularly eye-opening as being so skimpy that they'd make the DOA Girls blush. More importantly though, I'm pretty sure as well that Sloth improved the quality of Sakura's lovely soles, which makes watching her Ultra, with it's ultra-closeup view of her foot slamming into her opponent's face- always a pleasure. I'm sure footfans would give quite a bit to be on the receiving end of Miss Kasugano's fetching feet... the surely odd sensation of being sent into the air notwithstanding!

Sakura will surely be the most unique of the SSFIV barefoot babe cast- if only for the single reason she easily has the smallest feet compared to the rest of the femme furies. It gives her a special appeal, probably mostly to those who can't or won't accept that the girls' humongous foot size is more an aspect of the game's art style rather than being totally literal.

Just two of the cute color variants available in this awesome barefoot bathing mod.

Two more color variants of the mod are featured in this Mirror Match.

I like Sakura better sans bathing cap. How 'bout you guys?

Two of the cuter suits in this match-up...

Sakura takes on the sexy Juri in this bathing battle.

Enjoy these two initial vids for now- there will surely be TONS more very soon. This is certainly yet another amazing masterpiece from the Master Modder. I wonder what will be next? Later then!


  1. I kinda like the fact in street fighter if the character wear shoes their feet are small in enough to fit, but after they take them off they become huge.lol

  2. Wow...not only hot but giving Sakura a swim girl is a very creative idea. ^_^ Awesome Sole Keeper...I really liked this one a lot. ^_^

  3. I really like this mod too, but what I like most about it is the fact that the quality of her soles has improved so much compared to her other "Ryu" mod.

  4. KSC: Glad you like it! Sakura is a refreshing sight indeed in her new swimsuit and bare feet.

    Stephan: I find my eyes staring at Sakura's soles everytime she does a Shoryuken. Awesome view. ^___^

  5. The Best thing about these new Sakura Mods is that Sloth made her feet smaller..more lady-like.

  6. Also Sloth has just made a new Cammy Mod. Thistime with better looking,more lady-like feet. Joy!

  7. Yep, the new revised version of the 'Escape from Shadaloo' Cammy mod uses Ibuki's feet model instead of Makoto's. I'll be posting about that soon. Right now, am a bit sidetracked by playing Skyrim... heheh.

  8. Bebop has brought up a very bizarre point. But yes, this is awesome.