Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skyrim's Re-animated Soles (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim)

Skyrim serves up plenty of sexy barefoot babes...

A few years ago, Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion from Bethesda Software blew me away with it's amazingly immersive and detailed world, open and free gameplay and lavish fantasy action. Well, all the action and fantasy returns even more improved in an even more detailed and immersive world full of freedom to play and enjoy the setting as you please in the new Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Literally EVERYTHING has gotten better, from the looks of the game to the combat to the skills system and magic, storyline and interactivity and freedom to just go wild... pursue the main quest right away, or just spend the next several hundred hours killing every chicken in the continent... it's up to you.

Of course, with this new sequel also returns the kinky fun. Like the ability to strip down slain human enemies to just their underwear (and of course bare feet). There's good news and bad news to this 'feature'. The character models' feet aren't as detailed as in Oblivion (which wasn't that detailed either in terms of textures, but at least had individual toes), but at least aren't as blank and featureless as in Bethesda's prior game, Fallout 3 (which killed a lot of the enjoyment for me). On the plus side though, the babes in Skyrim- and there are a LOT (both good or neutral human NPCs and hostile enemies) are HOT and sexier than any female in Oblivion. That and the fact that you can still manipulate bodies makes Skyrim a foot fetish/sleepybabe fan's dream game. Yeah, if only the feet had Tekken 6-quality realism, I'd probably never take this game out of my PS3. Heheh...

Anyway, aside from the many hot babes whose shoes you'd want to throw off, another kinky joy in Skyrim is... well... necromancy, or the ability to reanimate corpses and make them follow you as your allies. In Oblivion you needed to find a unique magical staff to do this, called the Staff of Worms. Unfortunately, the effect was only temporary, though you could do it over and over. In Skyrim, Necromantic magic is now more readily found and used by the player. Barefoot zombie babes to follow you around? Yeah, but it actually isn't that easy. Check out the vid below, as I try out the basic Raise Zombie spell on these sexy, mohawked bandit twins I defeated in one of the dungeons.

Low-level Necromancy spells give you sexy zombie babes... for a very short time.

Yep, unfortunately the low to expert-level Necromancy spells only allow a body, from low-level creatures to higher-level enemies, to be reanimated for about a minute or so. Afterwards, the malignant magic consumes the body and reduces it to ash. What a waste of some hot bods! I was pretty pissed at this downgrade from Oblivion... that is, until I learned about the Dead Thrall spell.
The highest level Necromancy magic, Dead Thrall will reanimate a dead human body permanently... well, at least until they're killed again. But the good part here is that the body will NOT crumble into ash, and instead just be lifeless- all you need do is re-cast the Dead Thrall spell and your un-living ally is good as new!

So you can imagine I did all I could to acquire the spell immediately- and I did! I tried it out on a hot evil NPC babe I encountered recently in one of the sidequests, and now, well, I have a uber-hot vampire-temptress following me around. Her name is Alva and she's really easy on the eyes. She can swing a weapon, cast nasty magic and, well, best of all, she didn't mind me throwing away her boots so she'd always show off her sexy, bare (and nicely unblemishable) feet. Heheh...

Prior to becoming my first Dead Thrall, the sexy Alva here was an evil vampire temptress. Mmmm.

Of course, aside from just eye candy, a sexy Dead Thrall is quite useful. Unlike living, human companions who CAN get killed in the course of fierce battle, Thralls can get snuffed out and you can simply re-animate them again. They can carry a ton of stuff to extend your carrying capacity and never complain at all. The only wrinkle to making Dead Thralls your pack mule companion is that you can't really communicate or command a Thrall directly- they just follow you and try to kill anything that is hostile to you. So the only way to give them items or take them back from a Dead Thrall is to render them lifeless and unconscious again first then stuff their pockets while they're out cold. Again, sounds kinkier than it really is...

Anyway, here's a vid showing off my sexy Alva in action with a giant. No, she's not the toughest ally, but well, YOU try standing up to a giant! At least she's fearless, and well, even if she gets killed, no problem! And that raising animation just never gets old. Heheh.

Sexy barefoot Dead Thrall vs. Giant... and the winner is YOU!

All in all, Skyrim is TONS of fun. It's certainly the best RPG I've ever played, and the enjoyment here satisfies on so many levels, sexy babe soles, hot KOs and such included. I highly recommend this game, to everyone, footfans or not. Try it out! Now if you'll excuse me, Alva and I have to go kill a dragon in the next town. Later!


  1. That really is a great spell to have in your arsenal. ^_^ You definitely chose a sexy companion to make into your Zombie slave. ^_^ Really hot pictures and clips...Great post. ^_^

  2. Hey KSC! Yeah, the Dead Thrall spell is awesome. It's pretty much the only way you can have a barefoot babe companion (actually, up to two of them) with you in the game.

    Sadly, Alva, my first Thrall, is gone. :-( While not in use, I kept her body in the house I bought in one of the cities, hoping that since it is my space, it wouldn't vanish. Well, it worked for a while, but I guess an event happened inside the house which reset the space, so her body vanished, lost forever.

    On the plus side, I've since gotten two new Thralls-. I think it's become a bit of an in-game hobby of mine to get hot and deadly barefoot babes into my service. I'll post more about this soon. ^___^