Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cammy's Perfect Feet (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Definitely soles and toes made to please foot-lovers.

Lately we've seen one awesome and hot barefoot mod after another released for SSFIVAE PC by the amazing modder, Sloth86. But of course, we should always remember the first footlover's mod created was for the adorable Cammy. The 'Escape from Shadaloo' mod, based on a segment in Udon's Streetfighter comic where the Delta Red cutie spent some pages slinking around sans her trademark gauntlets and Doc Marten's boots. Of course, just the sight of this classic videogame hottie barefoot was enough to move me to buy a laptop. Heheh... Anyways, since the original release Sloth has posted some updates to the mod- the second major revision refined the character model, added color variants and reduced the size of Cammy's feet from their original, Makoto-sized Mammothness.

This latest revision, (I think it's Version 3, but according to Sloth it's V.2) further fixes graphical edges and blemishes on Cammy's bod and gives her new costume variations- several of them with her wearing her cute beret and leg camo paint. But most significantly though, the new mod replaces Cammy's FEET. This new rev no longer has Makoto's feet as the model, but uses instead the ninja peds of Ibuki! But of course, it wasn't just a matter of Sloth simply copy-and-pasting the kunoichi's feet onto Cammy's legs- he definitely worked his artistry on them to make them different and unique to Cammy... and the result is nothing short of jaw-dropping.
What we end up with is Cammy with feet that look amazingly detailed, life-like and realistic, normal-sized in proportion (relatively), with amazingly smooth and soft-looking soles and lovely, delicate-looking toes!

I have to admit- at first I kinda felt that I would miss the original mod's big, strong-looking feet. However, after seeing the new mod in action, and pretty much realizing that Cammy's new feet now look AMAZING from every single angle... man, I have to say that Cammy's feet in this new mod are easily, far and away, the most feminine-looking, prettiest and most kissably beautiful bare feet in the game... and a rival to pretty feet in other fighting franchises! See for yourself! I think Sloth definitely gave Cammy's soles a special touch- they look so nice and soft though, you'd wonder if it would actually hurt if she hit you with them!

Even THIS up close, Cammy's feet are simply gorgeous to behold.

Here are some vids showing off the various costume/color variants available with the new Cammy mod. They all look awesome, and certainly I can appreciate the Killer Bee costume. Once again, this is an awesome mod from the master of barefoot mods, and definitely yet another reason why I can say I love being a foot-loving gamer.

I have to say, I'm kinda glad that Sloth didn't give Cammy any 'sleazy' micro-bikini variants... that goes a long way to making this mod feel 'legit'- I feel THIS is really how Cammy should be. She doesn't need those boots- her feet are deadlier bare! Capcom, take note! That also just makes me feel this mod is specially made for us foot-fans alone, heheh.
Man, I have to take a shower or all I'm going to be dreaming of tonight is Cammy pressing those soft soles and toes into my face. Enjoy the vids!


  1. Gah!!! So Awesome...Jaw droppingly beautiful feet. Getting to see Cammy's bare feet close up like that really is a dream come true. Thank you so much for posting her Sole Keeper. ^_^

  2. Yep! With this mod, Cammy truly is perfect from head to kissable toes. Darn, my investment has truly paid off. ^_____^

  3. This mod is so awesome! It makes Cammy's feet look all the more suckable in my eyes.

  4. Sloth did an excellent job. Her feet look way better and less manly.

  5. I think it's by far the best feet and toes modeling I've seen in this generation, (along with Madison's amazing feet from Heavy Rain). Looks a hundred times better than the crappy feet modeling they did for the girls from Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur IV-V.
    Sloth86 is a great graphic artist.

  6. Amazing. Best Cammy's ever looked for sure. (I've never been much of a fan of that paint stuff that's usually covering her legs--some of these caps have it too, but not all.

  7. I remember I trashed like 10 cars with her (kicks only) after downloading this mod :D