Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ibuki Bikini Mod! (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Who's the hottest and quickest battle-babe to rock a bikini? Ibuki and Cammy find out!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently! Work and the holiday crush has been weighing heavily on me, and that really isn't conducive to writing. Anyway, hopefully I should post enough articles to fill up the month before the year ends. Here's a nice update in any case, a sexy new mod for the uber-cute ninja, Ibuki! Of course, Ibuki's already bared her hot body and feet in the amazing Vanille mod by Sloth86, but while that mod has Ibuki as both herself and Vanille in skimpy two-pieces, it's not a proper swimsuit/bikini mod.

Well, thanks to modder Ohhho, who has used Sloth86's mod as base, that has now been remedied! Ibuki now has a full complement of sexy bikinis to wear into combat, in a variety of colors. It's certainly a very nice and sexy mod, and this is probably the first time I've really noticed that Ibuki is... very bouncy. Really, DOA has nothing on SSFIVAE PC! This game is hawtness!

To start things off, she takes on a similarly-attired 'Escape from Shadaloo' Cammy. Who will win in this battle of speedy sirens, and who'll end up taking a long nap? Well, as usual, whoever ends up standing at the end, it's us foot fans who'll come out winners. Heheh.

Cammy and Ibuki can be considered Solemates since apparently Sloth86 modelled Cammy's new and prettier feet from Ibuki's model.

Aside from being pretty sexy, these barefoot battles between Ibuki and Cammy are pretty exciting to watch as both are fast fighters with distinct, deadly styles.

Which babe do you fancy giving a soothing foot massage to afterwards? Both have lovely, deadly feet to fondle...

Ibuki is gorgeous in this new mod. I really hope someone gives Makoto some flowery bikini outfits too... I wonder what new barefoot mod will show up soon? Let's cross our fingers for more very soon.


  1. Awesome post Sole! I'm really hoping another barefoot mod for the Street Fighter babes will be revealed soon too. But I have to say that these mods are really hot! I can never get enough of Cammy or Ibuki's feet.

  2. Awesome...Ibuki is hot showing off a lot of skin like that and the fact that she is facing against a bikini clad Cammy in these clips just push the hotness meter through the roof. ^_^ I really need a cold shower. ^_^;