Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Corsair in Action (Assassin's Creed Revelations)

This angry, deadly hottie demands that you kiss her feet... or DIE!

Some time ago, I posted about the upcoming Assassin's Creed Revelations and the hot, barefoot ladies among the Multiplayer Characters. Well, the game is here and murderous gameplay flourishes online. Though initially the only unshod femme fatale in this game was the teasing Trickster, another brutal beauty has captured my interest- she's The Corsair, a pirate-themed challenger who only becomes available in the game via DLC. Well, let me say that she's well worth the paltry change you spend to get her (and other competitors in the pack).

For starters, just check out her hotness. By default, this Buccaneer Babe is barefoot and mostly bare-legged, which just goes perfectly with her long overcoat and corset. I really believe that whoever designed this lovely wench is a fellow foot fan. In any case, I salute him! Surely the Corsair is a shoeless siren footlovers will flock to, her deadly beauty a dream to watch whether she's kicking ass (and man, can those legs kick!) or getting her hot butt kicked. I'm sure all of us footies will sign up for the Corsair's crew just for a chance to give her long hours of foot massages and kisses over every inch of her perfect, sexy feet.

Check out the two vids below! The first is footage from the 'Ancestors Pack' DLC that introduces the Corsair, and there are nice views aplenty of her. The other is a long gameplay vid with the Pirate Beauty, although it's by someone else (not me) who at least has mad skills at playing this challenging game. Check both out for hot views and action with this new Barefoot Assassin Babe who will surely capture your heart with her soles.

Foot-age of The Corsair from the 'Ancestors' DLC Pack trailer.

Tons of Corsair action, and even some bits with the sexy Trickster as well!

UPDATE: Just added this vid I found showing off the Corsair's customization options and more action with this pirate lass.

Check out the Corsair's customizations and killer skills!

It's nice that for the final version of the game, the devs I think improved the quality of the character models' feet. The soles are smoother now, and look more like fleshy soles than the pinkish pads they were in the Beta. Or maybe it's just me? Anyway, I think it's much better now and it's much easier to imagine the Corsair's long toes and fleshy, bare soles being tantalizingly waved at your face. Man, she's HOT! Looks like I'm gonna be playing a LOT of Revelations Multiplayer in the days and weeks ahead. Heheh. For now, enjoy the vids!


  1. O_O Pirate assassin feet are hot. ^_^ Great post Sole Keeper. ^_^ So many sexy assassins to play with in this game. ^_^

  2. Thanks, KSC! The Corsair is really one hot babe, and certainly my new fave in ACR, although you can customize the Trickster to show off as much leg... I just like the barefoot pirate theme with Eva Guerre. ^_^ Sadly I'm not that good yet with the game, but I'll be playing this more and adding vids as I go along. Anyway, added a new vid showing off the Corsair's customizations and more gameplay. Check it out!