Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Juri Han 'Chun-Li Trophy' Mod (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Juri's new costume looks kinda familiar...

Deviantart Artist and SSFIVAE Modder Ohhho has been very active lately, taking off from base designs by Sloth86 to produce a rapid succession of sexy mods- quite a few of them barefoot, to our enjoyment. Well, a nice series of Ohhho's work is for Taekwondo Vixen Juri Han, and he's dubbed it his 'Trophy' series. Basically the idea behind it is that Juri is wearing another fighter's ripped, tattered costume- apparently taken off that person's unconscious body. It was apparently inspired by the alternate costumes in Streetfighter X Tekken (which has fighters wearing costumes of fighters on the opposing camp). Well, the first 'Trophy' mod has Juri wearing the what remains of Chun-Li's original, classic kung-fu outfit, nicely sans the white boots and showing off nice lengths of leg and of course, sexy, purple-tipped toes and smooth soles.

Juri goes on a Costume Confused Rampage!

And so here are several vids with Juri in her 'Trophy' outfit, causing quite a bit of trouble. Of course, you can imagine that the Chun-Li won't be too happy with the idea of someone running around in her classic costume- especially after she got left out cold in just her underwear because of it. So as any good INTERPOL kung-fu agent, she's hot on Juri's trail to get her outfit back, or at least get herself some payback. Oh, and it's of course a nice excuse to get Chun back into her sexy bra-and-panties again (care of Sloth86's awesome Streetfighter 2 Animated Movie mod). So enjoy these hot, barefoot brawls!

Of course, Juri's a pretty stubborn babe- and it doesn't look like she's finished with her Trophy-hunting... What will we see this Deadly Diva wearing next..? Stay tuned!

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  1. :-D Seeing Juri really wearing Chun Li's outfit really messes with my head. ^_^ It's a great mod. I love the backstory idea of Juri knocking Chun Li out and stealing her clothes as a trophy. It definitely has my imagination running wild. ^_^