Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lightning's Feet (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

You just gotta love anime-style Transformation Sequences.

All year we've been enjoying tons of sole shots and views of Sloth86's sexy 'Lightning' mod for Makoto in Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC. But of course, it's not REALLY the Final Fantasy heroine. Surely any gamefan would love to see the pink-haired beauty finally show off her surely-kissable feet for our hungry eyes... and nicely enough, that's finally come true! Yep, this is no mod but an actual scene from the newly-released (in Japan) Final Fantasy XIII-2. The scene is a CG pre-rendered cutscene where the lovely, stoic Lightning transforms from her usual costume to her new 'Valkyrie' armor. And as we all know how Japanese-style transformation sequences go, there's a wee bit of time where the transformee is kinda-sorta nekkid- and that includes her feet!

Lighting toes are so cute!

Unfortunately, the time we actually see Lightning's feet is very, very short- barely a couple of seconds, and we only see them from one angle (sadly no sole view) and we never really see them fully- although we get a good view of her toes. Nice, lovely toes they are as well- I imagine they taste like mint candy. Heheh. Anyway, with that check out the scene, wonderfully captured for us in HD by Splitplaythru. What a lovely Christmas gift for footfans! Enjoy!

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  1. Wow...Getting to see Lightning's feet has to be one of the best Christmas presents ever. :-D Thanks very much for this holiday treat Sole Keeper and Merry Christmas. ^_^