Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chun-Li Bikini Mod (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

What's better than Chun-Li in a bikini? TWO Chun-Lis in Bikinis!

As I've posted earlier, this year was truly a glorious barefoot babe year for Super Streetfighter IV, particularly the Arcade Edition on PC, thanks to the many barefoot mods created for the game by awesome modders like Sloth86. Well, the year ain't over- and the mods are STILL coming! Man, this game just keeps on giving babe and pleasure after pleasure!

The latest barefoot mod is for The Strongest Woman in the World herself, Chun-Li. Though she's gotten several sexy mods already- the hot Chinese Gymnast and Streetfighter II Animated Movie mods- up to now this beautiful INTERPOL agent hasn't gotten a proper swimsuit or bikini mod. When she has had to engage other babes in combat, it's usually in her nightshirt or bra and panties. Well, no longer! Modder Ohhho has been very active lately, and has created a nice bikini mod for the Chunster. It's a sexy Chinese-style two piece that nicely shows off the leggy and muscular beauty of this iconic babe. Check out the many vids posted showing off Bikini Chun-Li in action!

Ninjitsu vs Kung-Fu, Bikini vs Bikini!

Two rivals settle a battle of both brawn and bathing bodies.

A friendly match between two lovely swimsuit models!

I wonder if there will be any more sexy barefoot babe mods to come before 2012? There are actually a few more Ohhho-made barefoot mods online, and I'll try to feature them as well. For now, enjoy the vids!

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  1. *Jaw drops* Chun Li in a Bikini along with clips involving 3 other barefoot street fighter in their swimsuits. Once again I am in need of a really cold shower. ^_^