Monday, February 6, 2017

Yuki-Onna (Nioh)

This Icy maiden's feet are both cold AND hot!

The upcoming samurai-themed Action RPG Nioh from Tecmo is looking awesome. With deep fighting action and punishing difficulty, this is sure to appeal to hack-and-slash fans. But thankfully, there's also some treats for foot-lovers in it as well. One of the bosses is a beautiful female ice spirit or Yuki-Onna. who is barefooted. Ala Elsa from Frozen, she even has a nice foot-stomping move that spreads her icy coldness in a wide radius. You may need to pause the cutscene vid to see her nice, icy feet, and the fast action isn't given to closeups. Still, it's nice to see some hot soles from a gorgeous lady mixed in with all those oriental creatures and mythological monsters to be faced in Nioh.

Check out the video above for some sexy, cold yet hot feet! Heheh...

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