Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sister Friede (Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel)

Sister Friede: Barefoot and badass boss.

The Dark Souls RPG series is known more for punishing, unforgiving gameplay and hardcore RPG action, but to be sure- it's a series that footfans can certainly enjoy. Aside from having the option for going barefoot the whole game, there are some barefoot babes to be found in the game, though perhaps a bit hidden. The Shrine Maiden of Firelink Shrine, for example, is actually barefoot (or, well half-barefoot with her instep guard footwear).
But perhaps the most high-profile (and newest) barefoot babe to appear in the series is Sister Friede of Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel DLC.


Though you first meet her as a non-combative NPC, it is later revealed that Sister Friede is the final boss of Dark Souls III's first DLC. She is one of the four sisters who founded the Black Church of Londor, which certainly makes her a powerful character within the mythos. Once you reach the point of no return and set off the final confrontation, Friede makes her appearance, with a nice view of her bare feet as she walks towards you resolutely, stroking her deadly scythe in anticipation of the battle.

While her face seems deliberately obscured or unfocused, we can easily see that Friede is a beautiful woman, albeit scarred with some burns (perhaps from her past attempts to link the fire). She is graceful and deadly, and certainly an opponent like no other in the series (you have to beat her THREE TIMES).

If we had our way, we'd surely not want to kill this beautiful lady, instead we'd wish to give her a nice foot massage to comfort her and pay homage to such a powerful mistress. She'd probably lop off our heads though, so it's probably not recommended. Still, Sister Friede is surely a badass boss and one of the most memorable barefoot babes in gaming. Go and meet her... if you can!

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