Friday, April 14, 2017

Tiona and Tione Hiryute (DanMachi Gaiden: Sword Oratorio)

Anime is almost certainly synonymous with fan service- though admittedly in my experience good fan service for foot fans like me aren't always easy to find. Anime tends to gravitate their attention to boobs or butts, or panty shots. While I enjoy panchira as much as the next hentai, it is beyond frustrating to watch awesomely sexy anime like Agent AIKA which has so much silky fan service but seldom any bared soles or toes in sight. And so it is when I find anime that has barefoot babes in it, I celebrate quite a bit.

Here's a recent and probable gem- a new anime series, DanMachi Gaiden: Sword Oratorio has just debuted. Based on a series of light novels, this is a light-hearted fantasy adventure series in the RPG overtones, complete with over the top spells, character classes and levels for each of the characters and monsters that explode into nothingness upon death. Our focus here is on the lovely pair of exotic and irresistible Amazons, Tiona and Tione Hiryute. Though they aren't the main characters, they are onscreen for a good part of the time which is not a surprise because they're HOT. Scantily-dressed and barefoot, these two veteran adventurers are also as kick-ass as they are sexy.

Of course, it's Tiona who's my favorite- she is the more tomboyish of the pair, with shorter, slightly messy hair and a very slim chest (yes, they focus her assets on her sexy legs and quite formidable, bare feet), her sexy feet are often the points of interest as she leaps about or give the occasional killer kick.
Her sister, Tione, the long-haired and big-boobed beauty, often teases Tiona for her modest breasts, but I can say quite readily flat chests and sexy feet are a killer combination, and I'm sure foot fans aplenty will be scrambling in line to worship Tiona's perfect peds.

Episode 1 of Sword Oratorio has quite a few scenes with Tiona in footie action, which leads me to believe that the anime/manga makers have us foot fans in mind with her and Tione. I'm certainly going to collect this series as it goes on- which hopefully will be for a good duration. Check out the video above and see the sexy fan service action for yourself!


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    1. Unfortunately the clip has probably been hit with a copyright claim or such, as most anime clips usually get (that's why I never post anime on my channel). It's still worth tracking the series down, it's fairly new and should be available around online.