Friday, February 28, 2014

Elena Ultra Trailer (Ultra Streetfighter IV)

The barefoot capoeira cutie gets her time in the spotlight.

As the weeks count down to the Japanese arcade launch of Ultra Streetfighter IV, Capcom has recently been releasing a trailer focusing on each of the new characters. Prior to this week, we saw Poison and Hugo getting trailers. This week we have the new fighter in USIV that is surely closest to our hearts- the lovely, totally female and barefoot beauty from Kenya, the lovely Elena! The spot shows off her specials and Ultras care of the Japanese devs. I'm sure Elena will be a favorite, alongside our other hotties in SSFIV.
Next week will most surely bring a trailer for Rolento, then after that- the much-anticipated Secret Fifth New Fighter. WHO will this be? All we know is that it's female and few people expect her. I am hoping it's an all-new barefoot babe- perhaps Gouken's Daughter, as some have speculated? We'll just have to see.
Still, we have much reason to already anticipate Ultra SFIV in Elena here. So enjoy her trailer and the thoughts of her lovely dancing soles stomping to the beat... on your face. Heheh...

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  1. Wow...Elena is so awesome. :-) It's really great to see her in action. Hee hee that's a great line to end with and something that is fun to picture. ^_^