Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate 'Tropical' DLC brings MORE Barefoot Bikinis!

The latest DLC pack from Team Ninja is sure to please foot-loving gamers...

It's been a while since Team Ninja gave us good stuff, but lo and behold- they have some truly wonderful goodies for us with their latest add-ons for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. Really, not since the Hot Getaway set months and months ago was I so excited to shell out some bucks on PSN. This latest set of new outfits- titled apparently 'Tropical' DLC- has what looks like some of the hottest swimsuits yet for the lovely DOA girls. I am particularly liking Leifang's and Ayane's suits, and finally, FINALLY Sarah Bryant gets a proper barefoot swimsuit (I really didn't like her swim-shorts outfit from the Getaway set).
Sadly several of the girls' suits come with some form of footwear, but I am lucky that all of them aren't favorites of mine (Kokoro, Tina and Rachel), or already have a bikini I am happy with (Pai and Mila).

Anyways, the Tropical DLC set (and the Gravure Theater) are now available on the Japanese PSN for purchase... other territories should get it soon. This early though, you can check out the 'goods' thanks to our good friend SplitPlayThru, who as usual provides a lengthy and detailed video with the latest new stuff for DOA. Check it out!=

As always, SplitPlayThru comes through with tons of sexy foot-age.

I'll have DOA5U videos on the Youtube channel with the girls in their new swimsuits as soon as I get the DLC myself. For now, enjoy the vids above.