Saturday, February 1, 2014

Streetfighter X Tekken: Bikini Battles Galore!

At long last, Lili and Cammy get well-deserved new swimsuits.

Hello and a LATE Happy New Year to everyone! Sorry I've been pretty lazy in posting here- in truth, I've been remiss in posting stuff both here and on other channels. But that will hopefully change as new games appear and give us new barefoot babe content to enjoy. Still, the old favorites are always awesome, and thankfully Streetfighter X Tekken's modding scene (PC) is still very much alive, and every now and then a sexy barefoot mod arrives for our pleasure.

The latest bikini mods are very long overdue- new suits for the lovely Cammy and Lili. The Delta Red cutie hasn't had a good new bikini mod in ages, though I have to admit I've always been happy with just her basic bare-handed and bare-footed look in the always-awesome 'Escape from Shadaloo' mod. But seeing her in a casual bikini (taken although from another game, DOA5 Ultimate) is pretty cool. Nicely enough her feet models look amazing in either mod. Thanks to modder BrutalAce for this saucy number!

Cammy's bikini was borrowed from another hot blonde fighting babe- know who?

Does Cammy look better in a two-piece or her basic Delta Red leotard? I can't decide!

As for Lili, yeah, she's had the classic bikini mod created by modder Rhazieul years ago, but I've always found the foot models for it wanting. That isn't the case with the new Bikini mod she got- her feet look great, at least on part with the better feet in the other girls' mods. The mod is actually a Morrigan cosplay mod, wearing the Aconite bikini from Cross Edge- so this mod is two babes in one! We an all thank modder bbbSFXT for this lovely, lovely work.

Lili barefoot in a bikini is just... a radiant sight.

More action with the loveliest bodies and feet in videogames...

So check out the vids showing off these two swimsuit-clad beauties in action, letting their bods and bare feet do the talking. Man, I never imagined Streetfighter X Tekken would be an all-time amazing barefoot babe classic. My gosh, I love mods!!!


  1. :-DThese Mods rock!! Having Lili and Cammy wearing Bikinis in the same post really approaches dangerous levels of awesome. With the other street fighter women cameoing it just pushes it through the roof. I really need a cold shower after this one. ^_^