Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round CONFIRMED for PC!!!

The world has turned! Rejoice, people, as FINALLY, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round has been confirmed coming to PC this coming February. Team Ninja has announced this via trailers and you can at this very moment preorder the game on Steam for a 10 percent discount and free DLC outfits- the more who preorder, the more free stuff, so preorder away!

Anyway, more sexy bikinis and outfits notwithstanding (yes, the new bikinis and swimsuits are confirmed barefoot- at least, some of them), the best part of this is of course the possibility of awesome MODS that will surely pop up once modders get to grips with the game. DOA5 models are already well-established as moddable characters for XPS and other programs, so many are assuming that this will mean fast and easy mods for even more outfits and stuff to come free for the PC version.

I am hoping that just like Capcom's Streetfighter games on PC, there will be TONS of awesome free modded content to come from all these talented modders. Not just outfits or barefoot customization though- I am hoping at the very least someone mods the girls' feet to look more detailed and lifelike, instead of the low-res models they are using now (PLEASE modders! You are our only hope!).

I do plan on getting DOA5LR for both PS4 and PC next year. I just may preorder asap as well! For those interested, you can see the game on Steam right here. Preorder away!


  1. On pre-order for me since i know it will be available on ps4. Nad yeah as im feet addict i cant wait to have them on barefoot !!

  2. do you know if nyotengu will be getting any barefoot outfits