Thursday, December 25, 2014

Streetfighter V: Looking Forward to the Future!

Ryu gets Chun-Li's foot right in the face... lucky bastard.

I am stoked, footfans. I am very excited for the future of barefoot babes in games. This early, things are looking awesome, particularly on the front of the next Streetfighter game. Based on the above video, which shows off action from the admittedly very-early Streetfighter V, us foot-lovers will be very happy with what may be. It's pretty cool that instead of giving us a sausage-fest, Capcom opted for a sexy battle of the sexes with their initial demo for SFV- letting us all get a good look at the next-gen/now-gen version of Chun-Li, and well, she's looking gorgeous.

But more than that, I am happy to see that Chun's character model is hot-hot-hot. It's a bit more realistic-looking than the previous generation look of SFIV, but yes, there's still a bit of exaggerated proportions. Still, I am loving it- Chun's feet are perfectly-sized, IMO. Right now, I am imagining how they look without her trademark white boots on. And I am also loving all the angles and views which will yield AMAZING sole shots and views once we get barefoot mods and costumes to give us a barefooted Chun-Li in action in SFV (and with the game coming to SFV, I am hoping this happens as soon as possible). Just check out the sexy action above to get a glimpse of the sexy, sexy future of fighting we may have with Streetfighter. And be jealous of Ryu who gets to have Chun-Li's soles right in his face. Mmmm. Hahaha.

SFV is exclusive (supposedly forever) to PS4 and PC, so I'm ready on either front. Here's to barefoot mods or outfits to come and make this SFV even more awesome than SFIV and SFxTK on PC (which are already all-time favorites). The future is coming, and I couldn't be more excited!

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  1. If this game appears on PC, then I going to mod Chun-Li to have barefeet! It's a same Street fighter never had customization, at least PC mods are a great solution for all our foot loving desires!