Monday, November 10, 2014

Bikini Goth Juri Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken PC)

And you thought Juri couldn't get any hotter...

Man, Streetfighter X Tekken is just so filled with value. Several years on, it's still giving footfans enjoyment with some awesome and sexy mods for the game's lovely ladies. For the record, while it's the same thing pretty much with the other PC Capcom fighter, Ultra Streetfighter IV) (or Super Streetfighter IV AE), I just find the animations, the camera angles and action of SFxTK better and more flashy (and the KO pose sexier).

Anyways, the latest hot barefoot mod to come along is from modder bbbSFXT who brings us yet another sexy, sexy look for the lovely and evil Juri Han.  Now, even unmodded, the luscious Taekwondo Vixen is already one sizzling babe- but put her in a bikini and her bare feet PLUS make her a Goth Girl??? HOTNESS OVERLOAD!!!

Have to say that the cute pigtails hairstyle (which is fully animated as well) and the more lacy bikini and T-shirt combo (color customizable!) makes this both cute and goth-y hot. I have to say, this suddenly became my favorite Juri mod once I saw it in action. She just looks SOOOO Luscious in action in this mod... I need a shower hahaha.

Anyways, you can check Goth Bikini Juri in action in the vid below, and I'll be sure to post more soon. I'm sure you'll all agree, this barefoot villainess just got even hotter than ever.

Check out Juri in the pre-fight cutscene... Bison, you are one lucky bastard...


  1. hey solekeeper i think you're gonna like this video...
    a real life barefoot babe. it's actually an asian tv commercial but it has a very nice sole shot

    1. oops sorry wrong URL... I mean this one

  2. awesome!! This Juri cosplay really rocks!!