Thursday, April 22, 2010

Soulcalibur IV Barefoot Knockouts: Hilde

Hilde gets Forget-me-notted.

Recently I've been raving about Super Streetfighter IV (which is just a few days away, actually), but somehow I suddenly got myself into a mood for Soles and Swords. Yep, I dusted off the ol' copy of Soulcalibur IV and lately have been having tons of fun with medieval mayhem once again. Even after a couple of years, SCIV still looks amazing, with some of the hottest videogame babes yet to bare their bodies and soles for our enjoyment. No other fighting game out at present gives us as much control over attire as SCIV's Character Creation/Customization does, as well as access to the regular roster of fighters. Really, the only thing that held SCIV back from the top spot of best barefoot fighting game is the simple and sad fact that while the Calibur babes' character models are absolutely ravishing pretty much everywhere, it's in their feet that apparently a slight bit of shortcutting occurred. Certainly the babes' feet aren't ugly by any means, but they're just not as detailed or as artfully done as with the two best I know as yet- Tekken 6 (fleshiest and most realistic soles yet) and Virtua Fighter 5. If the artists of Project Soul just invested a few more polygons into the toes or more life-like textures into the soles.. man, I know SCIV would be my absolute fave today.

That said, it's still a game I cannot do without, and today it's my flavor of the moment. I've decided that my Youtube Channel is criminally lacking in SCIV videos, so I've decided to make a LOT more content from it starting this week. Also, I've noticed that the video quality of my recent videos has apparently improved (I think due to my upgrading to a larger LCD TV since I'm still using my old PVR from before) from those of the previous year, so I'll take this time to redo some old vids (like the CASplay videos) and such.

Anyway, the first up is a Knockout Ryona video, starring none other than the absolutely gorgeous warrior princess, Hilde. In this video, lethal lolita Amy Sorel is aiming to render Lady Wolfkrone unconscious with her sexy Forget-Me-Not throw. Why? Some may think it's to capture her as a sacrifice to her inhuman lover, Raphael. But no... actually she just wants to paint Hilde's toenails black. That Amy... what a prankster! In any case, I LOVE the FMN throw for various reasons, foremost of which is the sexy way the opponent is transfixed by Amy's 'X' slashes and knocked out on their feet even before they hit the ground. It also doesn't hurt that the resulting crumple to the ground makes them raise their legs in the air for some of the most royal views of the unconscious beauties.

Being the strong-willed fighter that she is, Hilde won't go down without a fight... so Amy has to stun her first with a Guard Impact before she can hit the F.M.N. The prize for us is royal views of what I believe to be one of the hottest babes in games today, both in action and in inaction. Heheh. Anyway, not everyone may be as big a fan of ryona or KOs like me, but think of it this way- Amy is using her Magic Wand joke weapon instead of her regular swords, so Hilde's porcelain skin is never really harmed... just given a bit of forced (and unnecessary) beauty rest. I'll move on to the other babes soon. For now, enjoy the vid!

No Hot Bikini-clad Warrior Princesses were harmed in the making of this video.


  1. O_O Really awesome post Sole Keeper. I love the Soul Calibur customization feature very much. ^_^

  2. SCVI is something I can not live without either. I still love picking on Amy (cause shes so cute :)) and I still have many videos of my own to do (as they all cry, more Yoda finishers please!)

    I am probably going to do that tomorrow night or so. But I am glad to see your videos, oh such lovely quality! I am really happy!
    Thanks again for posting this! cheers!

    - M.

  3. Glad you like the vids, guys! After I do the Forget-me-not series, I think I'll do a Yoda KO series as well. I love that throw where he jumps on the enemy's chest... ^_^