Thursday, April 15, 2010

Barefoot Babe Game Classic: Beach Spikers (Gamecube)

This visual alone would sell this game to any footfan...

Beach Spikers was one of the games on the old Nintendo Gamecube, and it's one of the reasons why I was tempted to get the system back then. I never did, so whenever I remember BS, I have a slight twinge of regret. An all-female beach volleyball simulator, Spikers gave you access to various teams of fetching volleyball teams from all over the world, all decked out in their lovely two-piece swimsuits, running and jumping about barefoot to score that crucial point or kill. The graphics were pretty good, and the character models detailed (if a bit generic-looking). The worst thing about the game though that kept me from buying it is the fact that you almost never saw the girls' feet in many of the modes since they were almost always sunken under the sand!

Aside from the regular volleyball matches and tournaments, the game also gave you some cool minigames, including foot races, hot potato matches (where the players kept tossing a bomb back and forth across the arena, with the loser receiving a nice KO from the bomb explosion) and so forth.

In any case, I do wish I had the cash to buy a Gamecube back then- if I actually find a GC these days with Beach Spikers included, I'd probably spring for it. This game is a wonderful barefoot babe game for any footfan to enjoy, despite the weird sand quirk. Think of all those toned, tan and sexy athletes with their lovely bare toes and soles waiting for a soothing massage after a hard match. Mmmm.

It's like DOAX, just more on the actual volleyball and less of the cheesecake gift-giving... but hotness still abounds!

Anyway, if you have a copy of this game, lucky you! For the rest of us, here's a nice trailer showing off the game in motion in all its sandy, swimsuit-clad, barefoot beauty. MAN I should really go find an old Gamecube somehere...


  1. Hell to the freaking yes man! :D

    I totally remember wanting to get this game. Not only were the women lovely but it also scored well in reviews. Believe it or not my friend actually had this game and he ended up selling it. Boy did he regret that one. :X

    Your best bet in finding this game would probably be Ebay.

  2. Wow...this game looks really hot. :-) Beach volleyball totally rocks. These picture and clips look great. ^_^

  3. I was able to play this a bit years ago- aside from the aforementioned tendency for the girls' feet to be covered up by sand, it was a really cool barefoot babe title. The girls were quite lovely- Sega usually has awesome beauties in their games- and it was quite cute to have various pairs of players from various countries, dressed down in bikinis monogramed with their nation's flags/designs. It was a treat, indeed. Meh, I wish I had a copy. ^_^

  4. I found your page by doing a search on fighting games and barefoot.

    It's nice to know that there are others out there who can appreciate sprites with well constructed feet.

    I was looking for sexy vg girls who appear barefoot, like Mai, Ibuki, Makoto, Red Snake and so on...

    I would like to learn how to use Mugen and get all of the barefoot girls available for it.

    It's really a shame that there hasn't been a fighter yet who has a foot-tickling move.:P

  5. FOOT-TICKLING move?? Sounds like something I would suggest but, let's face it, guys. The closest that any of us are going to get to seeing any kind of tickling moves in a video game is the Rumble Roses series.

    It's a real shame too because there are so many 2d babes out there with fine legs, slender ankles and sexy feet and the only foot/tickle torture moves we'll ever see will only be in our imaginations.