Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cartoon Karate (Scooby Doo and the Samurai Sword)

Now THIS was a big and pleasant surprise. A viewer on my Youtube Channel informed me of the cool barefoot martial arts action in, of all places, a SCOOBY-DOO movie. The movie is Scooby Doo and the Samurai Sword, a direct-to-video release that sees the Mystery Inc. gang get involved with the shady dealings over at a martial arts tournament in Japan. Nicely enough, there are tons of scenes with characters wearing gis and barefoot, but of course it's all about the babes. The main barefoot babe is none other than resident beauty Daphne Blake, who in the past has usually been the lovable ditz... man, who ever thought she had super karate skills? Makes you wonder why she bothered running away from all those crooks in bad costumes when she could have kicked their asses with her surely-smooth but deadly feet!

Anyway, the movie has a couple of barefoot babes aside from Daphne herself- one is Miyumi, Daphne's friend who leads them into the tournament and mystery. Miyumi herself is a martial arts fighter herself, complete with Streetfighter-esque bandage wraps (I would have preferred she do without them though). There's also another barefoot fighter babe who sports a cool eyepatch (AND the bandages yet again), but she's not seen enough.

Surely the highlight of the movie is a fight between Daphne and Miyumi, which is probably that last thing I thought I'd ever see in anything with Scooby Doo attached to it. The fighting is actually pretty well-done with lots of cool moves and, of course, some nice sole shots (though mainly from Miyumi). Nice ending too, though I would have wanted an actual KO... heheh. Check out the vid below for a pretty awesome cartoon catfight!

Daphne vs Miyumi

Sapphire Sonya Kicks

Here's a look at Sapphire Sonya, one of the martial artists on the island where the mystery happens. She's got a cool vibe with the white hair and eyepatch, and she's definitely kick-ass and hot...

Sapphire Sonya Thrown

Unfortunately she's also out of the picture in less than a minute. Too bad, I wanted to see more of her, even as a villain. Waste of a cool kick-ass barefoot babe, I say. Oh well.

Anyway, as a whole the movie itself is quite fun, as recent Scooby Doo movies are. With all the barefoot fighting and action in it, it's sure to be something to keep in a footfan's collection. Later then!


  1. Wow...that was so martial artists totally plus it was really cool to see Daphne barefoot too.

    Sapphire Sonya kind of reminds me of FF8's Fujin. Anyway really great post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  2. Fujin- that's right! I knew she kinda looked familiar. I guess someone on the art team was an FF8 fan... heheh...

  3. they should have made miyumi knock out daphne hahaha

  4. Either girl getting knocked out would have made the fight a ton more awesome. ^_^ I also wish they showed Sonya getting KO'ed, instead of just getting thrown away. Oh well.