Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Madison Page Ryona

I've posted some Heavy Rain videos before, but this is the first one from my actual copy of the game, and I was able to play with it a bit. The video is, once again, from the debut chapter of heroine Madison Page, which has the underwear-clad and unshod heroine being assaulted by two masked thugs. The somewhat disturbing violence aside, this sequence at the very least shows off some of the most detailed and beautifully-rendered in-game bare feet in a videogame. I think it can probably be kinda considered pre-rendered as opposed to real-time, but that's down to quibbling. All I can say is, darn her toes and soles look great (and the rest of her ain't bad either), and the fleshy sound effects as she walks just make them even hotter. So check out the action, which includes some slow-mo to give good views of the best foot shots, and a look at an alternate 'ending' to the scene. Enjoy!

A secluded apartment. Masked attackers. A barefoot and underwear-clad female. I was half expecting Madison to do a Spinning Bird kick at one point... heh.


  1. I love this game a lot. :-D

    Awesome clip Sole Keeper. ^_^

    Hee hee couldn't help but smile at the Chun Li reference. ^_^

  2. haha chunli!!

    especially when she fought with that lamp.

    cool feet solekeeper.