Thursday, April 29, 2010

Soulcalibur IV Barefoot Knockouts: Setsuka

Amy sends the fierce Setsuka to dreamland.

Next up in my series on the Knockout Babes of Soulcalibur IV is the fierce and sexy Battou jutsu-style assassin babe, Setsuka. This deadly geisha is easily one of the most lethal fighters in the game, thanks to her lightning-quick strikes and draws. Her initial storyline and mission was very personal, yet somehow this self-serving, revenge-seeking assassin found herself caught up in the greater crisis of the Cursed Spirit Swords' war. In Soulcalibur IV, Setsuka went through various changes and growth, shedding the disguises she wore before and openly showing her natural blonde hair and occidental features. Her quest as well changes from one of revenge to one of redemption. I have to say, her ending was quite impressive and badass (and, when she's in a bikini, quite damn sexy).

Setsuka's design was always eye-catching, but thankfully footfans finally got to have her without the platform sandals thanks to Soulcalibur IV's Character Customization. Her beautiful bare feet are as perfect as they are lethal weapons, almost as much as her hidden blades. Surely footfans would love to give this lass much-deserved kisses and worship. I myself would give her long massages and service her alabaster-smooth soles and every single delectable toe.

Anyway, enjoy all the views of this hot swordswoman's luscious body in the following KO ryona vid, with Amy Sorel's Forget-Me-Not throw allowing us royal views in this rare moment of unguarded vulnerability for this lethal beauty.

Here as well is Setsuka's cool and badass ending, made all the more awesome by her hot bikini bod. Heh...


  1. Wow that was great. :-D Setsuka is hot. Couldn't help looking at Amy as well in the first clip. ^_^ Nice customization for her too. :-)

  2. Hey sole did you buy the ps3 version of super street fighter iv? well if you did and you can take pictures of it can you snapshot the arcade menu background? the one with juri and hakan? please and thank you