Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Deadly Premonition

Barefoot zombie babes, anyone?

Okay, for a bit of a change of pace, here's a game with some barefoot babes on the macabre side of the fence. The game is Deadly Premonition, a survival-horror title for the Xbox360. Scratch that- a budget survival-horror title. Having a decidedly blatant fondness for the David Lynch mystery series Twin Peaks, this so bad it's good game puts you in the shoes of somewhat unhinged but brilliant FBI agent Francis 'York' Morgan as he investigates a murder in a backwater town. How crazy is he? Well, for starters he constantly speaks with someone named 'Zack', apparently verbally expressing his inner monologue throughout the game. He thinks his coffee can tell him the future, plus he keeps ziplock bags full of fake women's fingernails in his pockets. Nice.
DP's production values make it look a bit like a PS2 or perhaps a Dreamcast game, further enhanced by the often laughable voice acting or script and iffy character animations, overdone gestures, creepy facial expressions and generally liberal sprinklings of leaps in logic every so often. Add to this dated controls and combat and you've got a game that you'll either love or hate for it's sheer badness.

That all said, I've been watching hours of this game being played through playthrough videos at Giant Bomb and I've been quite entertained- although that may mostly due to the banter from the GB crew playing. Anyway it's still a funny bit of retro Survial-horror cheese, so to speak. That aside, why am I posting about it here? Well, it's got barefoot babes in it, believe it or not. They are, however, so far on the macabre and creepy side. First off, there's the blonde-haired murder victim Anna who appears mostly as a corpse at various points in the game. Sadly though, her feet are BADLY rendered.

The other unshod ladies in the game consist of the many female zombies that appear to attack the protagonist throughout the adventure. Yep, they're female zombies in skirted dresses and barefoot... including some barefoot zombie nurses for those who were frustrated the ones in Silent Hill wore pumps. They would have been kinda fetching, but unfortunately their faces look like they had the same makeup artist Heath Ledger had in The Dark Knight, plus they have the creepy habit of coming at you bent over backwards as if doing some insane limbo dance, so they can choke you by jamming their hands down your throat. CREEPY! All that plus, well, they're dead so they're probably decaying and smell horrible. Oh well.

Still, that all said, Deadly Premonition looks good for a laugh if you feel like it. Plus who knows, maybe that cute (and very much alive) female deputy (who seems to be a dead ringer for Naomi Watts) will show off her bare feet in the course of the game? So for now, check out the vids over at Giant Bomb and see for yourself and have a laugh or two.


  1. Hahaha! The reviewers over at Giant Bomb don't seem to think so. So far I've seen the game has laughable elements, but it actually seems to be pretty interesting. I'm actually not averse to getting a copy for myself.

  2. Back to this game, beautiful (and occasionally playable) sidekick character Emily Wyatt (the hot deputy sheriff of the town) does indeed show her bare feet late in the game. I do want to get this title not just for that but for the simple fact that it seems loads of fun. However, there are many tedious elements keeping me from this. Something to keep tabs on, in any case...

  3. At what point does she show her feet? What's the context?