Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pai Flying Kick intro! (Virtua Fighter 5R)

Come to Papa!

UPDATE: I've uploaded an improved version of the vid with better footage- no more crappy text on Pai... or shorts for that matter... heheh...

There are many reasons to love Virtua Fighter 5R, that so-far arcade-only upgrade for Virtua Fighter 5 that finally gave all of the girls barefoot customization (instead of just Aoi). Well, here's another gem from that game; it's a brand-new intro sequence for the absolutely gorgeous Kung-fu action star Pai Chan which has her flying at the screen, her bare sole pointed right in our faces in a dazzling kick. Awesome! It's about time Pai got an intro to match Sarah Bryant's stomp-and-grind. While ordinary men may duck or run, us footfans would surely greet Miss Chan's lovely foot with a big smile on our lips... right before her foot presses onto our faces. Sadly this intro bit will almost surely be arcade-only, even if Sega someday actually ports VF5R (or the newest upcoming version, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown) to home consoles. So just enjoy the clip, and imagine what you'd do as Pai brings her sexy bare foot that close to your face. Heh...


  1. O.O *Jaw drops* Between her and Sarah's intro...this game is Heaven for foot fans.

    Really awesome post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  2. Yep. I'm quite resigned though to the probability that if ever there is a console version of VF5R, the intros won't make it in. But I wish someone could post HD versions of these cool clips. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it, KSC.

  3. i love armpits more :)

  4. Anonymous: To each his own, dude. Perhaps there's a VirtualPits blog somewhere? ^_^