Monday, April 26, 2010

Soulcalibur IV Barefoot Knockouts: Sophitia

Amy helps Sophitia catch some Z's.

Next up in our Barefoot Knockouts of Soulcalibur IV series is none other than the Caliburverse's Hottest Momma, Sophitia Alexandra. This pure-hearted baker's daughter-turned-holy warrior has been part of the saga since the very beginning, being the one who actually defeated the twisted pirate Cervantes in mortal combat. Sophitia is also one of the first barefoot babes in gaming since gamers could unlock Sophitia!!, a barefoot and swimsuit-clad version of her in the original PSX version of Soul Edge (Soul Blade in the US). Since then, she has only grown more beautiful and powerful, even though she would not bare her feet again until the latest installment of the series, thanks to Character Customization.

Even though she's one of the old-timers in the Soulcalibur series (at 26 she's ANCIENT! Heheh... I kid) and is also married with kids, Soph's still a radiant hottie who would surely still quiet a room with her refreshing beauty. And certainly, any footfan would stumble head over heels to give this goddess loving foot massages and adoring kisses on her smooth, flawless heels, soles and each delicate, pearly-tipped, suckable toe. Perhaps our pampering will allow this fair warrior maiden to rest easy for a bit, at least till the next furious battle.

For now, check out these two vids that show off Sophitia's bikini-clad and barefoot hotness from pretty much every angle. Enjoy!

Sophitia goes out like the proverbial light, care of Amy's sexy Forget-Me-Not throw.

Also, check out Sophitia's awesome Soulcalibur IV ending, Bikini Edition. Real-time endings rock!

Sophitia's awesome Story Mode ending from Soulcalibur IV, Bikini Edition!


  1. Awesome. Sophitia is my favorite Soul Calibur girl and the one I voted for in this poll. Thanks very much for posting her Soul Keeper.

  2. Imagine her kid looking into the arena cheering for his mother. sophilita looks up at her kid and gives a smile. all of a sudden the apponent delivers a blow, the child watches as his mother lets out a moan and slumps the floor. he then runs out into the arena and leans down over her. she is Unconscious, so he gently kisses her bare feet...oh mother barefoot.