Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Makoto Hotness! (Super Streetfighter IV)

Battling Beauty.

I've made it quite clear that my favorite babe in the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV is the hot-blooded karate babe Makoto, and the pic above (capped from a cool match vid) just makes me love her even more. Aside from being the only truly barefoot babe in the game (Juri and Ibuki should really get rid of those instep guards), her focused determination and all-out offense are just my style. I also love that despite being pretty boyish and intentionally understated in terms of looks, I still find her MAD hot. Of course, it's partly my foot fan attraction to those big, beautifully strong-looking ass-kicking bare feet of hers, and partly for my overall fondness for martial arts babes- girls in gis most particularly. I love how the developers have rendered her in 3D, and gladly you really can't mistake her for a boy (you have to be blind to those lovely curves and bumps). I actually think her english voice is pretty good, but you really can't get better than her original Japanese VA (plus her KO scream in Japanese is so much more convincing). Anyway, I'm glad to see some great Makoto videos coming up online care of HAKF on Youtube, with Makoto kicking a lot of butt!

Taking a nap in between bouts.

Of course I have to be lying if I said I didn't enjoy seeing Makoto beautifully and blissfully unconscious- I have to really hand it to the devs; Makoto got screwed in the original 3rd Strike since she could only be knocked out face down (my primary reason for her not being my fave then). But in SSFIV, they redeemed themselves by giving her a HOT face-up KO pose! I could do without the Taki-esque arm-up, but at least she doesn't hide her face (and doesn't she look so fetching asleep) and she gives us a truly awesome view of her beautiful, unconscious soles. Man, I can just stare at her sleeping feet all day. I imagine I'd give her massages and kisses all over them, from heels to insteps to every single ass-kicking toe. Though I'd better do it fast, I'd imagine, 'cause she'd surely give me a Hayate in the face if she suddenly woke up. Heheh...

Anyway, enjoy these Makoto matches! It's less than three weeks to the release of SSFIV, so it's just a bit more to barefoot babe heaven once again.

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  1. Wow Makoto's feet are huge. ^_^ She's really great. Thanks for posting her Sole Keeper. :-)