Saturday, April 17, 2010

Barty Beart (Stake: Fortune Fighters)

Barty is ready to party.

Here's another barefoot game babe from a few years back. Stake: Fortune Fighters was a 3D fighting game on the Microsoft Xbox. To any gamer worth their salt, its similarity to Capcom's far more superior Power Stone was pretty obvious. But unlike PS clones like Barbarian which was at least well done, Stake by developer Metro 3D was, at best, barely playable. In fact, Stake could probably bag the award of Worst Fighting Game Ever hands down. Even forgiving the bare bones and featureless skeleton of a game (which sported a totally useless 'Watch' Mode where you can't even pick what fighters will clash), Stake just flounders with a broken fighting system with floaty, slow and clunky controls, pointlessly large stages, environmental weapons or traps that did nothing but annoy the player, total absence of any story mode or background and more.

The only good things about the game were the neat character artworks... and the presence of a barefoot babe! The unshod hottie in Stake was Barty Beart, a mysterious and beautiful masked fortune-teller (easily she is probably Stake's version of Power Stone's Rouge). Well, at least I think she's a fortune-teller, since her weapon of choice is a crystal ball, which she throws at her opponents. Unfortunately I know little else about her; the game has sadly no specific storyline literature on its characters. All we know is that Barty is one of the many competing warriors in the game's tournament... and that she's quite the enchantress, with her kinky mask, big, barely-covered breasts and, of course, beautiful feet (which are seen far too little of in the character art). In her default outfit, Barty is wearing those ubiquitous instep guard leggings, but she has an alternate costume in the game where she shows a lot more skin in a blue bikini-type outfit. You can see both outfits in the vid below.

Barty's in-game model looks positively primitive compared to today's Tekken 6 and Virtua Fighter 5, but at least it's detailed enough for us to see that she's got nice, painted toenails on her pretty feet. She's certainly the sexpot of the game, given how the other babes are all relatively conservatively clothed. Unfortunately, Barty also seems to be one of the worst fighters in the game. Despite having what seems to be a strong magical power attack (which I don't know how to do), her basic strikes are so delayed and slow she doesn't seem to have a chance when fighting in-close... which is a fatal flaw in fighting games.

Well, nobody's perfect. I guess Barty's more for loving and telling fortunes than actual fighting. I'm sure footfans will love this beauty no matter what, and I'd be the first in line to give her a warm massage on those sexy feet and give her kisses all over her long toes and smooth soles once the fighting's all done. Anyway, even for this hottie, I don't recommend going out and getting an old Xbox or a copy of Stake... so just enjoy the vid and dream about Barty's lovely feet dangling before your eyes.

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  1. That fortuneteller is really cute. ^_^ I think she looks good in the alternate outfit too. Great post Sole Keeper. ^_^