Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sakura Bodacious Beach Babe! (Streetfighter X Tekken PC)

Sakura in a Baywatch-esque, slow-mo moment...

It's been a while since I've last posted- thank that for my current obsession/hobby with XPS over at my DeviantArt Page. Well, I still want to keep this blog going since it's the best place to really share my thoughts and in-depth writing about our beloved barefoot game babes. Once again I focus on a cool sexy barefoot mod for Streetfighter X Tekken on PC- which, despite all the controversy and the backlash from fans due to their DLC fiascos- is still one of my favorite games for awesome soles shots and hot babe-on-babe fighting action. The latest mod produced and shared by modders is for Sakura Kasugano, the energetic schoolgirl from Japan and pseudo-Shotokan fighter. This 'Beach Girl' mod finally lets Sakura show off her amazingly toned bod, and of course shows her tasty, pretty feet outside of her trademark sneakers. I have to say, Sakura is always a joy to behold barefoot in action, with her moves always giving to great views. This babe can kick me in the face anytime. Heheh...

Whenever Sakura does a Shoryuken, my eyes go to her feet, not her fist.

I've got quite a few vids of Sakura in action wearing her new swimsuit on the Youtube Channel, so check 'em out! Sadly Sakura's AI is pretty crappy and often she's laid out cold at the end of the fight- but that's no biggie. She'll always be a winner in our book, and there are surely lines of footfans waiting to give her sleepy soles some consoling foot massages.

Ogre gets a taste of Sakura's fighting feet- lucky bastard.

Man, I wish this mod was ported over to XNALara or XPS. If only I could learn the art of ripping and rigging models, but it's beyond me. At least I have the game to see Sakura's soles in action. Enjoy the vids! I'll try to post again soon. Later!


  1. What a nice mound she has in the last picture.

  2. :-D Wow awesome mod. Sakura's feet look great. :-D Yeah Ogre definitely lucked out in that last picture. ^_^ Excellent post Sole Keeper.

    1. Thanks. Sakura is hot without even trying. Her moves always make for great views. :)