Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nina Williams: The Barefoot Assasin comes to XPS!

Nina sashaying towards you is an enchanting (and also scary) vision to behold.

I'm sure I don't need to gush too much about how the stunning Nina Williams is one of my all-time favorite barefoot game babes. I've written more about Tekken's original barefoot babe more times than I can recall. Well, thanks once again to HolySpell on DeviantArt, the Barefoot Assassin is now mine to pose with using XPS, over at VirtualSoles on DA- and as you can easily see with the couple of samples I've posted here- she's GORGEOUS.

It's quite a bit of fortuitous circumstance- I asked HolySpell to convert a certain customized model of Nina from Tekken 6 (the Battle Nurse getup), but apparently this was a pretty difficult (or at least work-heavy thing) to do. However, he DID have a Nina model from Tekken 6 he worked on a couple of years ago, and that was the one he sent me, although with the caveat that it wasn't the model I was asking for. Well, as luck would have it, the Nina model we now have wasn't what I was asking for, but it's what I want! Nina is decked out in the hot customized combo of a Sexy Top and Short Skirt, and wearing the Styled Hair, which is, easily the hottest hairstyle for her in Tekken 6. Of course, she's barefoot (bare-handed as well, as an extra) and having some nice simple but irresistibly white undies for perfect upskirt opportunities. Heheh.

Just a simple pose, but heck- Nina would be hot just sneezing. Heheh...

What can I say? I am in Posing Heaven right now, with the hottest Nina incarnation ever at my command. I have a lot of plans to make some exciting and sexy poses and stories with this femme fatale, and you can check out the first pics over at my DeviantArt page. Have your fill of the sexiest Assassin Soles ever! Man, ain't technology grand? Heheh.

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  1. Wow massively hot!! This makes me want to learn XPS just so that I could play with Nina's feet all day long!!

    Awesome post Sole Keeper I could literally stare at these pictures for hours on end.