Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zafina: Barefoot and Bodacious in XPS!

The Mysterious Assassin at her Hottest, posing for our pleasure.

The darkly beautiful Zafina has always been a hottie, but she's also NEVER been barefoot. At least, not in-game in any of the Tekken games she's so far appeared in. That's really a crying shame because DAMN those sexy feet of hers, with their lovely colored toenails, are meant to be free of any footwear to show off their hotness to the world! Well, thankfully now, in the XPS posing program at least, she is available for me to pose for our pleasure. Once again, I have to thank HolySpell from Deviantart for providing the barefooted Zafina TTT2 swimsuit model.

What can I say? Since getting the Zafina model, I can't get enough of her! For some reason she's a pleasure to pose and put into the ongoing 'story' I have with the Tekken Tag 2 babes and a mysterious evil force behind a secret KO Tournament.  Zafina looks amazing whether she's kicking arse or being a damsel in distress. Perhaps it's the ease of using her model. Or that hot, hot, HOT swimsuit (the white undies are a sure plus). Or perhaps those colored toenails? The whole package of this Middle-Eastern Beauty is just so amazing. I never really was able to appreciate her until now- Thanks, XPS!

So if you want more of this now-barefoot femme fatale, head on over to my DeviantArt page, VirtualSoles. Zafina (and the other TTT2 ladies) will be sure to enchant you. More to come! Later then.

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  1. Wow that's an awesome model Sole Keeper. I really love the green polish. ^_^ I'm also really enjoying all the other XPS artwork you've been putting up on DA too.