Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Best Barefoot Game Babes Coming to PSP (UPDATED)

UPDATE: As of December 2009, both games are out on PSP, and sadly not all turned out well. Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny is still pretty awesome, coming in as a leaner package with no formal story mode but at least has the Character Creation mode intact and in some ways better than the console versions, in some ways worse (PROS: You can mess with P1 outfits CONS: You can't customize the standing roster of characters). But at least barefoot customization/the ability to take off the babes' footwear is there, although the character models' feet aren't detailed. Tekken 6 unfortunately is a BIG disappointment- many shortcuts were made, including a lot of options being taken away (or in this case, melded together), including barefoot customization. In effect, only Christie Monteiro and Alisa Bosconovitch have options for barefoot outfits, and they're very, very limited.
So in the end- Soulcalibur PSP, not bad. Tekken 6 PSP, almost total loss for foot-fans. Just get the console versions, people.

Namco-Bandai just announced today that Tekken 6 and Soulcalibur IV will be coming to Sony's Playstation Portable. Which means, well, foot fans can have their barefoot fighting vixens along with them wherever they go! The PSP version of Tekken 6 will come with all the characters and deep customization options of the arcade and upcoming home console versions. Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny is not a simple port of the PS3 and Xbox360 versions, but will have special modes made to welcome newcomers into the complex gameplay. Also, there will be new characters joining the lineup, the first of which revealed is Dhampierre, a mustachioed rascal in a suit and top hat who sports a wicked wrist blade. As with the home versions, Broken Destiny will feature Character Creation and features like Clothing Breaks and Critical Finishes.

Keep your hands on those PSPs, guys. Heheh. Awesome fighting action and the hottest barefoot babes, in your pocket. Man, I LOVE technology!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ivy (Soulcalibur IV)

Off with those boots! Off with those boots!

Yet another babe from Soulcalibur IV gets the spotlight, and this time it's one of the most popular and well-known in the roster, the tall, busty and dangerous femme fatale, Isabella Valentine or simply Ivy for short. Ever since this mistress of the whip-sword appeared in the first Soul Calibur waaaay back during the Dreamcast days, players knew she was special. Aside from the unique weapon she wielded and her impressive physical attributes, Ivy had confidence and spunk which made her a standout among the fighters in the Stage of History. Her costume of course left little to the imagination, but for the longest time barefoot fans could only imagine the loveliness hidden inside her high-heeled boots.

Well, wonder no longer as Soulcaibur IV lets us enjoy the Delightful Dominatrix as we want her- scantily-clad AND barefoot, showing off her perfect, beautiful bare feet in the heat of combat. And of course, her moves and attacks show off her sexy soles off perfectly.

Ivy is an easy object of sex appeal- she was obviously designed to titillate from the very beginning with her provocative attire and personality. However, as her storyline reveals, this is a determined, courageous lady who has fought long and hard to defeat the evil that has corrupted her, permeated her from her very birth. She was borne of evil, but was steadfast to not let that darkness consume her. Admittedly, she has tread dark paths and has committed 'atrocities' both in her days as a misguided servant of Nightmare and later as a vigilante against Soul Edge's evil. But in Soulcalibur IV, we see the true Ivy emerge- a heroine who fought to the last, and was ready to accept her apparent fate to be judged for her past sins. It was a true pleasure though to see Ivy redeemed fully at the end, given a chance to have a new life and live free of her past.

Barefoot fans should therefore not hesitate to fantasize about this beautiful bombshell to the fullest. Though she may be totally capable (and an expert) at being a dominating diva who dishes out the pain, she can surely be quite willing and perhaps grateful to receive for a change- in this case, loving worship from admiring foot fans. From head to toe, there's a whole lotta woman to love in Miss Valentine. Of course for us, her sexy feet- long and lovely toes with pearly toenails and alabaster soles smooth as silk are surely among her best assets.

Enjoy Ivy's moment of triumph in Soulcalibur IV's story mode, bikini-edition.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Onechanbara Vortex the Movie Teaser Trailer

Here's a look at the sequel to last year's Onechanbara the Movie, which was based on D3 Publisher's samurai bikini cowgirl vs zombies hack-and-slash title. Well, this sequel of sorts is based on the more recent Xbox360 release, Onechanbara Vortex. Named predictably Onechanbara Vortex the Movie, this film stars a new actress in the role of main heroine Aya, and more babes and zombies than you can shake a katana at. While the game lets you customize character costumes and dress them down to their bikinis and bare feet, I'm not exactly sure if this movie will give us foot fans that same pleasure. However, this trailer does have a nice, brief view of Aya's bare feet as she's taking a shower. Aside from that, who knows... but with hot babes and zombies, why not give this thing a check? The movie releases direct-to-dvd in Japan in early July.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Misaki Yamamoto (Hatsukoi Limited)

Misaki Yamamoto in the Hatsukoi Limited manga.

Here's a very recent and EXCELLENT discovery I made. Hatsukoi Limited (translated as 'FIrst Love Limited' is a high school relationship comedy anime with some ecchi elements. It's based on a manga and is a pretty sweet, funny show with lots of incredibly cute girls. The hottest babe for me though is Misaki Yamamoto.

Episode 2 of the anime introduces Misaki to us in a pretty long sequence where she's barefoot the whole time. She pays a visit to her next-door neighbor Mamoru, crawling in through his window and proceeds to wreak havoc on the guys' libidos. The camera just LOVES this hottie, and every frame of her is pretty much a pin up-ready image. Aside from being stunningly gorgeous and effortlessly sexy, this easy-going semi-tomboy is smart, cool and she's an expert in SUBMISSION HOLDS. She's certainly fun to be around with and not one of those 'keep your hands off' girls. Certainly this wild beauty is a babe all of us foot fans would love to get down with, to worship her kissable feet, give her foot rubs and massages, or best of all, engage in some good-natured wrestling matches. I'd love to get jobbed by this beauty, and let her wrap her legs around my neck in a grapple, or put her foot on my chest in victory. Awesome! Anyway, enough gushing... check out the videos and get your Misaki fix now!

This first vid shows Misaki entering the picture like some barefoot goddess coming down to earth. Nice views of her soles and priceless reaction from lucky perv, Kusuda. Her shirt speaks for herself, heheh...

This scene has Misaki having a heart-to-heart with gentle thug Misao. Advice AND a submission hold... I love this girl.

And finally, here's the best scene for me, since it has a knockout. Kusuda demonstrates his weird 'talent' on an unsuspecting Misaki, rendering her unconscious (nice power!). Unfortunately for the guys though, even when out cold Misaki's not entirely defenseless. More sexy foot shots and sexy grapples from this awesome barefoot babe.

Hatsukoi Limited just started, and is set for 12 episodes. I'm not sure if there are more barefoot babe scenes as good though. However, this is a really entertaining and cool series that may be worth checking out regardless. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hilde (Soulcalibur IV)

Here's one warrior I really want to get out of her armor.

As I've posted a couple of times before, Soulcalibur IV ROCKS. This game just keeps giving, and recently I've been having so much fun with it again. This hot, sexy and beautiful barefoot babe game is overflowing with sole-ful goodness. Now, so far I've only posted about the awesome Character Creation mode, but we really shouldn't forget the game's standing roster of warrior babes... definitely some of the hottest female furies in gaming. We have Project Soul to thank for giving us so many sexy femme fatales to play with as well as the ability to get these babes out of their default costumes and just show off their awesome bikini bodies and beautiful bare feet for our enjoyment.

The single new warrior added to the Soulcalibur roster in SCIV (the Star Wars characters don't count), this warrior babe is truly an eye-catching entrant into the series. She's Hildegard Von Krone, princess and hardened knight of the Kingdom of Wolfkrone. Her story is pretty cool; her father succumbed to the madness of the Evil Seeds from Soul Edge, thus forcing the young girl to take up arms and lead the defense of her land and people. Hilde is no softie or pampered throne-warmer- she's well at home in a full suit of armor and wields her weapons- a spear and a short sword- with even-handed skill and strength. She's truly a beauty to behold fully armored and leading her troops into battle... with her flaming red hair, those Angelina Jolie-esque lips and that cute mole... PLUS a beautiful, athletic and sexy body that's refreshingly slim, trim and not built like a porn star. You can just imagine how beautiful her bare feet are... just perfect, a mix between a royally-groomed, pampered princess and athletic fighter, with perfectly-formed toes, smooth heels and soles.

As we've seen in SCIV, Hilde is courageous and skilled but merciful and just... and she's got a beautiful smile that can warm even the coldest of demon-possessed hearts. This kick-ass babe's feet deserve to be worshipped. Any barefoot fan would surely love to pledge fealty to this powerful princess, and perhaps serve as the royal foot masseuse or court footstool of Wolfkrone in order to pleasure the lovely Hilde's feet with loving rubs and kisses after a hard day of battle.

With that, enjoy Hilde's Ending, with the princess in just her underwear and bare feet. Real-time endings rock.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Velvet Assassin

Violet Summers: Dressed to Kill.

Here's something to look forward to in the very near future- Velvet Assassin is out before the end of the month or early May. This stealth title is very much like a World War II-era Metal Gear, save with a hot babe in the lead role. Players take control of Violet Summers (based on real-life WWII agent and saboteur Violetta Szabo) as she goes on various covert missions to slow down the Nazi war machine. So, what can barefoot fans expect from this game? Well, that artwork up top isn't just there for show- it's an in-game outfit Violet will wear in certain stages (and yes, bare feet and lingerie are viable attire for espionage in the right situations), both in a weird 'Morphine' mode that seems to be just in Violet's fevered imagination (most of the missions are flashbacks remembered by the comatose heroine from a hospital bed) and in reality as Violet tries to navigate her way half-naked in a hostile hospital.

So far the review from Playr has been a bit testy, citing trial-and-error gameplay leading to some frustration but also giving good points for letting players take control of a hot lingerie-clad babe (at least their minds are on the right track, heheh). I'll probably pick this up myself... I'm a sucker for soft-skinned, soft-soled barefoot assassins. But then, who isn't...?

Ibuki (Street Fighter)

Ibuki's artwork for Streetfighter III 2nd Impact. My favorite!

Yet another entry in my Ninja Girl series, and this one is truly a no-brainer if you're talking about beautiful barefoot kunoichi. Ibuki from Streetfighter III is easily one of the best barefoot ninja girls in videogames... posting about her here is long, long overdue. Why is Ibuki awesome? Well, one reason is her cool design- she's not your average busty, scantily-clad ninja babe. She's small and slender with an impish, almost pixie-like beauty complemented by her slender but pleasingly athletic frame. Her more traditional, baggy ninja gi seems a bit too conservative at first glance, but really- it's damn sexy... particularly if you're a foot fan. Aside from her slender but muscled arms and a teasing bit of hip, the chief parts of Ibuki exposed are her feet- bare save for the requisite ninja bandages around her instep. Otherwise, the front part of her feet, her heels and toes... they're exposed for us to enjoy. The thought of these talentes toes and soles sneaking about, tip-toeing in and out of the shadows... sexy.

Ibuki's portrait in Streetfighter III: Third Strike. My, what big feet you have!

Ibuki is also awesome for her mad combat skills, her lethal speed, deadly combos and cool special moves. She's wonderfully animated and quite cute and fetching, as despite being a deadly assassin all she really wants to be is a normal girl.

Wonderful CG Ibuki art I found online. Artists always know what parts of her to emphasize...

She's always been portrayed as a very dedicated ninja warrior, and her pretty but strong-looking feet reflect that. They're certainly not dainty or delicate- they're martial artist's feet, callused and hard and meant for running outdoors or engaging in hand to hand, foot to foot combat. But she's still a girl, so gladly her feet are still regularly groomed, smoothened and feminine even after years of kicking. I imagine foot fans would love to see, touch and appreciate this fetching kunoichi's powerful peds to no end. I myself would love to peel off those bandages and give her tired feet a soothing rub at the end of a day's assassination or recon missions. Or I'd use a Transforming Jutsu to morph into her pet raccoon and curl up at her feet to nibble on her toes. Heheh...

Easily the single most awesome fan artwork of Ibuki I've ever seen, made just for us barefoot fans, from artist Scamwich.

Having Ibuki in your gaming nest is easy thanks to an excellent PS2 port of Streetfighter III Third Strike, and a couple of discs on the Dreamcast for the retro fans. No barefoot fan's collection is complete without this spry little kunoichi. With that, enjoy the following vids on Ibuki and fill your mind with images of her beautiful and deadly ninja feet tip-toeing in the shadows...

Here's a vid showing off Ibuki's KO animations closeup, capped from GIFs. I like how her feet flop around as she hits the ground. Maybe I can wake her up with a soothing foot massage...

Here are a few more knockouts with Ibuki, this time in-game. I really like how she slowly slumps to the ground.

Now here's a match vid with Ibuki taking on fellow barefoot babe Makoto.

And finally, wanna see Ibuki live? Here's a cute Ibuki cosplayer in a Capcom Streetfighter Event. Nice, wiggly toes...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nekome and Azami (Ninja Scroll: The Series)

Tsubura may be a tough act to follow, but there are certainly other hot, barefoot kunoichi to enjoy in anime. Here are a couple of the more unusual ninja girls, from the Ninja Scroll TV anime. Though obviously inferior to the original motion picture, the series one-ups the more high-profile Ninja Scroll feature by having barefoot ninja girls (whereas there was hardly any barefoot babes in the movie). Here are the two best ninja babes available in the show- the rest are either not worth looking at or don't show up enough to have good footage.

The first is Nekome, a lithe and lethal cat girl who takes on Jubei Kibagami. Unfortunately for her, Jubei's blade is far faster than her feline skills, and she ends up a cold corpse (but gets to strike back in a dream/illusion sequence). While a bit fierce and feral-looking, she's definitely quite sexy and her feet are pretty talented and pretty, period... though the fur and claws may be more for furry fans. Still, I wouldn't mind this hottie curling up in my lap and letting me rub her feet a bit... have to be careful of hairballs though, heheh...

Uploaded by SolePatrol

The other ninja hottie in the TV series and certainly the hotter one is Azami, a girl with plant powers. Aside from being a totally gorgeous, green-haired vision, she's barefoot all the time (whether fully dressed in her ninja outfit or just her lingerie) and shows off her sexy soles and toes (and quite a bit more) a lot in the course of the two episodes she appears in. She acts a bit in the role of Kagero from the movie in that she's the requisite ninja girl who gets assaulted sexually but saved by Jubei. Sadly, she never gets to repay his kindness but at least her end isn't messy like Nekome. You can just imagine that as a plant babe (kinda like Poison Ivy, another barefoot hottie), Azami must smell of flowers. She's totally devoted to her master, to the death. If I was Azami's master, I'd reward her courage with loving foot rubs and massages after she's back from a dangerous mission. Those strong and beautiful feet of hers definitely deserve to be appreciated and pampered by loving foot fans. Anyway, enjoy the following vid, which has pretty much all of Azami's barefoot scenes.

Uploaded by SolePatrol

Two gorgeous and dangerous barefoot ninja babes to enjoy. Will there be more? Thankfully games and anime love ninja girls, so there should be some more soon. For now, enjoy these two ladies and have a nice weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Natsuki Kisumi and Rina Takaoka (Natsuki Crisis)

Now here's a pretty hot one. I've seen a lot of awesome fights in anime, but really kick-ass girl-on-girl battles are few and far between. Even rarer are ones where the hotties engaging in combat are barefoot, showing off their sexy fighting feet to the fullest. Well, this is certainly one of those gold moments in anime- a full-on martial arts duel between two incredibly hot and sexy barefoot schoolgirls from the Madhouse-produced, 2-episode OVA, Natsuki Crisis. On one side is Natsuki Kisumi, a skilled karate student and titular heroine of the show. On the other is Rina Takaoka, a motorcycle enthusiast and wrestler.

Not only is this fierce and sexy battle incredibly well-animated with wonderfully beautiful character designs and animation (even for an older anime), the views we see of the girls' beautiful, strong feet are pretty amazing, with nicely-drawn toes and soles from various angles. My one and only gripe with the fight is that it doesn't actually end in a knockout, but still with a nice bit of editing at least the vid ends with a bit of a conclusion. I'm sure after watching this, any barefoot fan will be wanting to give their favored girl a much-deserved foot rub or massage for their tired feet. So watch and enjoy the show... clips like this don't come every day!

Wrestling vs. Karate... which barefoot babe will prevail?

Tsubura (Shura No Toki)

Here's another barefoot ninja girl on offer. Her name is Tsubura, an irresistibly cute tomboy heroine from the Feudal Era action anime, Shura No Toki. Though at first seemingly a female member of a much-feared Mutsu martial arts school, she is eventually revealed to be a cunning kunoichi with revenge on her mind. Appearing in the second arc of the series, this hot-headed lass teams up with the real Mutsu in order to further her goal of assassinating the Shogun. Tsubura is barefoot the whole time, and the camera lovingly cuts to wonderful closeups of her beautiful and skilled bare feet numerous times throughout the episodes... she communicates a lot through those lovely toes and soles, digging into the soil or floor as she prepares and tenses for combat. Awesome.

Though she's at odds with the main hero and is quite a handful with her tough-as-nails attitude and single-minded drive to carry out her mission, it is quite apparent that there is indeed a delicate, lovely princess beneath the rough and ready fighting babe. Her quest may end in tears and tragedy, but at least she comes through alive and perhaps a better person. I'm sure foot fans will love to fantasize about this gorgeous ninja babe- surely we'd all love to comfort her in her time of grief with loving foot massages and kisses on her beautiful toes and soles. Surely one of my favorite and all-time best barefoot anime babes, Tsubura is one ninja babe and fighter standing heads and shoulders over the rest. So check out the following video which brings together most, if not all of Tsubura's best scenes in the anime.

Uploaded by SolePatrol

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Silly, Sexy Fun with Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur IV is an awesome fighting game... and one of the hottest barefoot babe titles you can get. Super-detailed, High-Definition graphics and the ability to customize characters so you can create the shoeless warrior babes of your dreams as well as a very versatile camera for enjoying them means a Definite Must Buy for any Foot Fan's game library. Anyway, here's just a little bit of fun with the CAS (Create-a-Soul) mode. Make yourself a hottie (in this case, a Ninja Schoolgirl named Keiko) and give her Maxi's moveset. Then go into the pose mode (press triangle) and enjoy the views. Heheh.

I see Paris, I see France...

Sung (Tenth Degree)

Sung from Atari's Cancelled Tenth Degree.

In the late 90s, Atari attempted to break into the 3D fighting arena with their own original beat 'em up. The game was Tenth Degree or Juko Threat, and it was worked on by James Goddard, who did work on Streetfighter and Namco's Weaponlord. Unfortunately, at the time the competition was particularly fierce- Namco had Tekken 3, while Sega had Virtua Fighter 3 and Fighting Vipers 2... all of which totally eclipsed Tenth Degree in pretty much every aspect. Since there seemed to be nothing new or exceptional about the title (it also failed to garner much attention during testing), the game was eventually dropped and never released.

Which is really too bad- if only for the reason that one of the fighters in Tenth Degree's roster is the lovely Sung (pictured above), a sexy taekwondo fighter whose design was surely made to capture barefoot fans' hearts. Unfortunately it was just not to be- I've scoured the web for footage of this Korean cutie in action, but to no avail (I even tried finding the MAME version of the game). Only the artwork above (but what a lovely artwork it is) and a few screenshots give us a taste of this babe's barefooted greatness, and hint at what could have been. Anyway, perhaps there was a reason why Tenth Degree was never released- maybe it sucked. Games have progressed since the late 90s, and other hot martial arts babes have taken the spotlight. But still, everytime I see Sung's artwork and gaze at those strong, sexy soles and toes... sigh. What could have been. Oh well.

Since I couldn't find a good video of Sung anywhere, I decided to recreate this hot TKD babe using Soulcalibur IV's Character Creation mode! I think she's a reasonably close representation of the original, and certainly she's hotter in HD graphics than any 90s arcade game could ever render her. So, check her out and enjoy a barefoot videogame babe brought back from the brink of obscurity, back into our foot-loving hearts. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kasuga (Sengoku Basara)

Lovely and lethal... you gotta love a barefoot kunoichi like Kasuga.

From the popular Sengoku Basara games (Devil Kings in the U.S.) comes this lovely kunoichi. Kasuga (or Venus) is a blonde-haired assassin who serves the frosty Lord Kenshin (Frost). Though she originally was sent in to assassinate Kenshin, she fell in love with him on sight, and has since been serving him as his personal kunoichi.
Now this lithe and lovely ninja girl is certainly a babe worth any otaku's fancy, though her default outfit, while sexy, isn't the most attuned to barefoot fans' tastes- it's more for stocking enthusiasts. But thankfully she does have an alternate outfit (pictured above) that not only shows off more skin but the skin we foot fans appreciate the most. Check out the following vid of her wearing her sexy alternate costume in action.

Kasuga does some killing in her barefoot alternate outfit.

Kasuga is surely a barefoot babe worth fantasizing about, and to have this hottie at your beck and call, and simply melting in your arms at your touch (and perhaps fainting in pleasure when you kiss her feet) makes me really wish I was an ice-powered daimyo named Kenshin. Anyway, enjoy the vid!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rally Vincent (Gunsmith Cats)

I've been an anime and manga otaku for a long time... and certainly, one of the first and best big-eyed babes in my book is the formidable, firepower-obsessed bounty hunter Rally Vincent from Kenichi Sonoda's Chicago-based action thriller, Gunsmith Cats. From a sidekick to Bean Bandit in Riding Bean to the main star in her own title (after a nice design change from blonde to dark-haired, tanned Indian beauty), I've watched Rally's adventures on the printed page to the eventual anime OAV series. Now, as hot as she is, Miss Vincent rarely, if ever, showed off her sexy feet in the manga... but thankfully that changes in the anime. Episode one has perhaps one of the best barefoot action sequences in animation, showcasing Rally taking on a trio of burglars in just her underwear and bare feet. Just for that cool sequence and the aftermath makes Gunsmith Cats OAV part one an all-time favorite in my library.

Here's the whole kit and caboodle. Rally is under-dressed and barefoot throughout, but the high point for me of course is the awesome closeup of Rally's perfectly-drawn, beautiful bare foot as she's creeping down the stairs... now that's a foot worthy of worship and up-close appreciation. Enjoy!

Rio Kinezono (Burn Up!)

The long-time Burn Up! anime is a pretty standard title for busty babes and big guns. There have been several incarnations of this action-comedy, but most of them usually have this buxom beauty at the forefront. Rio Kinezono is beautiful, can kick ass and is always looking out for the big score so she can live on easy street. Unfortunately she tends to lose money as often as she gets into trouble, so she'll most probably have to keep kicking butt on the force as her team's pointwoman for the forseeable future.

Anyway, Rio's shown off her hot bod in quite a few occasions, and that includes her hot bare feet. This hottie is fickle, hot-tempered and violent (as often anime babes are), but she's also irresistibly loveable, which is demonstrated in Burn Up! Excess where her beauty, personality and feminine wiles charm none other than an A.I. controlled Supertank to be her boytoy.

In this vid, from Episode 4 of Burn Up! W OAV, Rio is forced to striptease by a jacked-up thug holding one of her comrades hostage, but ends up turning the tables. Nice views of this barefoot babe in action, including a pretty awesome closeup of Rio's powerful and pretty bare foot pressing on pervy geek Yoji's face. Man, to get up close and personal with such gorgeous toes and soles... and a tender hug and kiss as well. That Yoji's one lucky guy. Wouldn't we all want to be in his place? Sigh.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Alisa Bosconovitch (Tekken Series)

Alisa Bosconovitch: The Ultimate Doll.

The much-anticipated Tekken 6 brought us barefoot customization for our longtime favorites in the classic fighting franchise, but the arcade upgrade Bloodline Rebellion gave us one more reason for barefoot fans to celebrate. Her name is Alisa Bosconovitch, the latest Tekken babe to join the roster. A mysterious girl found sleeping in a glass tube within a heavily-guarded Mishima Zaibatsu research facility, Alisa is assumed to be the masterpiece of scientific genius Gepetto Bosconovitch. Though appearing quite delicate and beautiful, this pleasant-faced young lady is obviously not all that she seems. With chainsaws hidden in her forearms and wing-like jets on her back, it's pretty apparent that Alisa is an anime-style battle-android babe of the highest caliber. Just whose side is she on in the ongoing war in Tekken 6? What is her story?

Well, all that should be revealed in the upcoming home versions. However, we DO know that Alisa is yet another babe who has barefoot customization, making her yet another favorite for barefoot fans. Her unusual stance is teasing and sexy, and her personality is deliberately off-kilter, mouthing pleasant salutations and deadly threats in the same sentence, all the while smiling with a creepy sincerity. Yep, she's weird (add to that the tendency for her head and arms to fall off) but she's incredibly interesting and she's an excitingly new and refreshing addition to the already-large bevy of babes in Tekken. Is she completely a machine, or is there a part of her that's human? How soft are her obviously perfect toes and soles to the touch? How would she enjoy barefoot fans worshipping at her feet?

Well, we'll find out all that there is to know about Alisa in the home versions of Tekken 6. How popular this new virtual babe, who is not only virtual but a virtual ROBOT girl, will be compared to the 'flesh and blood' babes of Tekken remains to be seen and should vary from fan to fan. For now though, check out these vids with Tekken's robo-beauty.

Here's Alisa in action in Bloodline Rebellion, showing off some win animations. She's in her default P1 outfit, sans footwear.

Some more action and win animations with Alisa, this time in her P2 dress outfit, again without footwear. Her 'head-drop' win pose is priceless...

Here's Alisa in a KO ryona vid with Zafina. Though she's a super killer robot, she can still get knocked out (or is it deactivated?) like everyone else. I really like her peaceful, serene face when she's unconscious...

Here's Alisa's Game Over screen, showing off her perfect, invulnerable soles.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken Series)

Ling Xiaoyu: Kung Fu Feet at their Cutest.

Yet another Tekken babe, the super-cute Ling Xiaoyu is one of the most popular and well-known fighters in the long-running franchise. Boasting one of the most beautiful and graceful fighting styles seen in a fighting game plus a loveably cute personality, Ling has surely tip-toed into many a barefoot fan's fantasies since she debuted in Tekken 3. Surely, this kung-fu expert has strong, beautiful feet, with perfectly-formed toes and soles smoothened by countless kicks. From Tekken 3 to Tekken 5 though, fans have had to imagine how awesome she could be barefoot since Xiaoyu has never shown off her feet in a Tekken game... until now. Once again, barefoot fans have Tekken 6 to thank for finally giving us Xiaoyu's bare feet to ogle, admire and enjoy. Perhaps it was just as well the perfect time to see them, with Ling quite a bit more mature now (at least physically, if not in behavior) and surely at her most beautiful and sexy. One more reason to await Tekken 6 for consoles, later this year. For now, enjoy more of these videos with barefoot Ling.

Here is Ling kicking butt in Bloodline Rebellion and showing off a bit in her win animations. Ling's petite but potent feet are revealed to be as lovely as we've always imagined them. Imagine her waving them in your face!

Here's Ling in her P1 Qipao dress outfit sans shoes (Barefoot Customization is nicely free and ready-to-use in Bloodline Rebellion), getting KO'ed and showing off some nice sole shots in the process.

Here's Ling in another KO vid, knocked unconscious by Zafina who's just sitting next to her, staring. Well, if Xiaoyu was lying before me like this, I'd be staring at her too... though probably I'd do more than just stare. I'd surely venture to give Ling a soothing massage for her beautiful, unconscious feet. And maybe sneak in a kiss or two on her soles before she wakes up (and kicks my ass). Heheh...

More KOs with Ling from Zafina. This time, Ling's in a sexy 'rabbit shirt' custom, which nicely shows off a bit of mid-riff.

This vid has Xiaoyu in the grip of creepy Sergei Dragunov (damn luck guy), who sends her off to dreamland again. Where is Dragunov crawling to? To a better position for a better view of Ling's feet, of course.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Nina Williams (Tekken Series)

Nina Williams: Tekken's Blonde, Barefoot Bombshell.

Years ago, when the only other 3D fighter of quality was Sega's Virtua Fighter, Namco rose up with their own fighting game title, then titled Rave War. Eventually though, the name Tekken (Iron Fist) was introduced and the two fighting franchises have been battling it out ever since. One may argue eternally which title is better, but in terms of barefoot babes at the time, there was a clear winner indeed- Tekken introduced us to a hot barefoot blonde bombshell named Nina Williams. An assassin by trade who was as beautiful as she was cold and deadly efficient, this dangerous femme fatale instantly became my favorite.

Nina's original, barefoot P1 costume in the first Tekken.

Though the game certainly is quite primitive and dated by now, the first Tekken's character design for their resident blonde babe was awesome, at least for barefoot fans. Her main outfit (the first of all her trademark purple costumes) was a spandex suit, sleeveless and ending in tight capri-length pants which left her barefoot, showing off her shiny red nail polish. As seen in the Intro cinematic for Tekken on the PSX, Nina wore this outfit on her stealthy assassination missions- the thought of this sexy assassin padding around on silent bare feet is surely a wonderful image on every foot fan's mind. Nina's fighting style was also pretty cool- mixing aikido and 'Bone martial arts', her linking grapples were awesome (and for the time, revolutionary) and unique, and it just went perfectly that a grappler like her would go barefoot for maximum freedom of movement. You can just imagine this fickle babe wrapping her legs around you in a crushing hold and then dominating you with her sexy feet. Then afterwards, she'd place her foot on your chest in victory, forcing you to kiss her long, lovely toes in submission and worship her beautiful, smooth soles (actually, no need to force us, of course...).

Here's a look at the Playstation CG Intro movie for Tekken, featuring barefoot Nina in action.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another, Namco's designers would not retain Nina's barefoot MMA-look in subsequent installments of Tekken, electing instead to go with the more expected and mundane stilletos or boots. Even so, that first, early barefoot outfit of Nina would always remain one of my favorites, making the original Tekken a Must Have in a barefoot fan's gaming library.

Thankfully for barefoot fans everywhere, the latest chapter in the King of Iron Fist Tournament sage, Tekken 6, once again gives us a barefoot Nina Williams through customization. By equipping the item 'No Tights' (Only for Nina's 1P side outfit), you can recreate Nina's sexy barefoot look in the original Tekken, only a lot sexier and of course, in full HD with the awesome graphics of this generation of games. What can I say... Nina has NEVER looked as gorgeous as she does in Tekken 6, and her feet have never been as beautiful and sexy. Nina once again returns as a deadly assassin serving the Mishima Zaibatsu under Jin Kazama, setting out to crush everyone trying to get at her new employer beneath her sexy feet. I can't wait to see Nina kick ass (and get her ass kicked) later this year when Tekken 6 hits consoles. For now, check out these barefoot Nina ryona videos from Tekken 6.

This video shows off Nina in her default P1 outfit, sans footwear. This is perhaps the closest you can get to recreating Nina's original barefoot purple outfit in the first Tekken. It's not an exact match... but, well, looking at how hot it is, I'm not complaining...

The next vid shows off Nina in one of her alternate outfits, a black version of her Death By Degrees costume, again sans any footwear. You can really appreciate how damn beautiful, realistic and detailed her bare soles and toes are in this vid. Tekken 6 is sure to be one of the hottest- if not THE hottest, barefoot babe game ever.

Here's another Tekken 6 vid, showing Nina being hit with Lee Chaolan's side throw (and showing gobs of incredible sole shots in the process). She'll get even with the lout, surely.

This vid has Nina being hit with some throws from Armor King...

And here's Nina on the receiving end of creepy Sergei Dragunov's throws. Once more, lots of great views. If you think the graphics look great here, wait till you see this on your HD TVs, in full 60FPS. Best. CG Feet. Ever. Heheh.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Games That Should Have Had Barefoot Babes

There are a lot of games out there which could have been a lot more enjoyable for us barefoot fans if the babes in them just took a bit of time and opportunity to show off their sexy feet in alternate outfits or special cutscenes. Here are a few of the great barefoot babe games that could have been...

Resident Evil 5. Yeah, this game is awesome, no doubt. The gameplay borrows a lot from the previous game, but makes it even more playable and mixes things up with a new inventory system and the inclusion of a companion. It would have been awesome if one or more of the babes at least showed off their soles and bared their feet. Main heroine Sheva Alomar has a sexy alternate tribal outfit, but she's still wearing sandals- a barefoot Jungle Girl-look would have been awesome. Then there's villainess Excella Geone- perhaps if she slipped off her sandals and gave Wesker a little footsie, maybe he wouldn't have stuck her with the Ourobouros virus. Finally, there's Jill Valentine... a barefoot outfit should have been included, to make her new femme fatale look sexy as hell. Or maybe there could have been a flashback to her being put into cold sleep, dressed in just a skimpy outfit and shoeless. Ah, well. What could have been...

Streetfighter IV. Right now, I can care less about this game- it's a freaking requel like that Superman Returns movie, not knowing where it stands in the continuity of the saga. But the crappiest thing about it is, all the characters who show off their bare feet are ugly stinky guys. Now, if only they included Streetfighter III babes like barefoot ninja Ibuki, karate girl Makoto or Capoeira princess Elena, this game would have rocked. Or at least they could have given Sakura a true Ryu-look for her alternate outfit and finally gotten rid of her sneakers. Or how about an alternate Chun-Li outfit based on the her SF2 Animated Movie fight scene with Vega? Then there's Cammy- a bikini or swimsuit would be awesome- legions of barefoot fans would love to see her out of her boots (and you can, in the issues of the Streetfighter 2 Turbo comic by Udon). On the flip side, there is a chance that more alternate outfits may come to SFIV- hopefully some barefoot ones for the babes- IF the Capcom devs get off their lazy butts.

Dynasty Warriors. Koei puts out a DW game every year, it seems, and none of them really have barefoot babes to speak off. The closest being Zhu Rong, the blonde barbarian princess, who shows off her toes in her sandals but is otherwise still shod. I guess comely females going barefoot in the middle of battle isn't totally realistic- but then again, so is beautiful courtesans armed with parasols laying waste to whole companies of soldiers. Barefoot female warriors would make the yearly DW release something to look forward to for barefoot fans and make all that monotonous action fresher... or at least, sexier.

Tenchu. This is a ninja game, but sadly female kunoichis Ayame and Rin never go barefoot in the games. If only they followed Ibuki's fashion sense and bared their sexy feet, slinking around would be so much more silent and sexy. To be fair though, you can create your own barefoot ninja babe in the Xbox360 title Tenchu Z... just watch out for sub-par gameplay and less-than-stellar graphics.

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. This clunky fighter may be MK's swan song, it seems, given Midway's current financial troubles. But they could have gotten more sales of the cross-over fighter if they put in more shoeless sirens in the mix. MK isn't known for barefoot babes, but barefoot alternate oufits or maybe character customization could have been included. Barefoot Sonya and Kitana would have been pretty awesome, and made some of the otherwise crappy Fatalities hot. On the DC side, Wonder Woman could have had the option to fight without her boots (like she does in the new animated Wonder Woman movie... HOT!), or they could have included Poison Ivy instead of Catwoman- and I'm talking about the Alex Ross Justice version- the hot nature goddess with normal skin and naked save for leaves around her private parts... man, I want Ivy in all DC games... heheh.

Ah, well. Hopefully as time goes on, character customization will become mandatory for games, allowing for more barefoot babes in more titles, and advanced graphics will make digital feet all the more realistic and sexy. For now though, all we can do is be thankful for the babes that we can enjoy in current games, and look forward to those still to come.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Medusa (Soul Eater)

Medusa. Bewitching Barefoot Bad Girl.

I discovered the anime Soul Eater some time ago, and I instantly fell in love with it. Not only because of the beautiful animation, the quirky 'Harry Potter meets the Grim Reaper' storyline, the awesome action and the wonderful art and character designs. One of the best reasons for me, bonafide barefoot fan that I am, to love Soul Eater is captured in one word. Medusa. Easily one of the best barefoot babes in anime or videogames ever.

The main antagonist of the series (at least, in the beginning), Medusa is a witch- the sworn enemy of the series' cast of Grim Reaper Wannabees. But instead of being an ugly old crone with a pointy hat, big nose and warts, Medusa is damn HOT... as much martial artist as mage; a barefoot beauty with a creepy but sexy snake motif that oozes sensuality and sex appeal without having to show off too much skin (just the skin we want to see). Medusa is a complex and interesting character, cunning and certainly dangerous, but she's not your cookie-cutter bad girl. She's easily a character you can latch onto and love, certainly not just because you want to lick her sexy, strong feet from toes to soles, but because she's got a strong personality and a compelling story all her own.

Medusa's awesome barefoot design will surely entrance foot fetish enthusiasts from the first moment you see her (the first time you see her is with an EXTREME close up of her bare feet!), and you just know the camera and the artists love to draw this vixen feet first. It also helps that she's got an awesome voice actress in Houko Kuwashima (Sango in Inu Yasha). I really hope she shows up more in the anime and manga (and back in her adult form, not the little child she turned into after the fight with Stein). More Medusa surely makes the world a much nicer place. Surely, barefoot fans will be lining up to worship at this gorgeous enchantress' feet at a snap of her fingers. I'd love for her to have me as a footstool (check out the Frog Squish vid below and try not to feel jealous) anytime!

Here's a video from the recently-released PS2 fighting game, Soul Eater: Battle Resonance. The game looks positively dated by today's standards, but at least it has barefoot witch Medusa in it (as well as nice views of her soles during her intro!).

Here's an AMV of Medusa's first appearances in the anime. She enters the series feet first!

Here's perhaps one of the best Medusa foot scenes in the anime. Man, do I envy that frog... Heheh.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hokkyoku Tsubame (Bushido Blade)

Hokkyoku Tsubame: The Flaming-red Toenails of Death!

Bushido Blade on the original Playstation was a revolutionary game. It did something that no other fighting game dared during the time- take away the life bars. As in real life, one hit, if delivered accurately and decisively, could kill. It also gave players huge environments to run around in, and a pretty complex control scheme which handled everything from striking with your weapons to throwing sand into your opponent's face.

But still, Bushido Blade was a flawed classic- there were things that had to be scrapped eventually in favor of better fun and playability- like the ability to get wounded in the leg, forcing you to fight impaired from that point on- it was an idea better on paper rather than actual gameplay. Flaws aside, I love this title to pieces, for the cool animations (particularly the various KO/death animations) and the sexy ladies.

Now, there were only two playable babes in BB- Hotarubi (Red Shadow in the English version) was the more obvious sexy femme fatale, dressed in a panty-flashing yukata/kimono and strappy sandals that showed off her sexy feet and painted toenails (although she was never really barefoot). The other babe was the fighting miko, Mikado, whom I liked more since she fought without sandals, but still wearing tabi (the Japanese traditional toed-sock).

Even with these two hotties, it was ironic that the best babe in the game was a non-playable (unless with a cheat device) boss character. She was Hokkyoku Tsubame, a sexy, mature (she's in her 40s) swordswoman from Korea who serves as the bodyguard and right-hand woman of the game's final boss. Of course, the most significant feature of her sexy, leather armor outfit were her leggings which bared the front part of her feet, including her sexy toes with bright red nail polish.

Tsubame was fast and furious, but eventually you brought her down. As one player character would say afterwards, looking down on her motionless body, "What a waste." Surely a hot, barefoot (well, half-barefoot at least) beauty like this should not suffer a needless death. I'd much rather she just be rendered unconscious, and later nursed back to health with a soothing foot massage that will both cure her of her injuries and hostility.

If only for this formidable hottie, Bushido Blade is a worthy collection to any serious barefoot babe fan's game library. Seek it out for classic swordfighting, barefoot babe action. Enjoy this montage clip showing off this hot boss.