Saturday, April 11, 2009

Alisa Bosconovitch (Tekken Series)

Alisa Bosconovitch: The Ultimate Doll.

The much-anticipated Tekken 6 brought us barefoot customization for our longtime favorites in the classic fighting franchise, but the arcade upgrade Bloodline Rebellion gave us one more reason for barefoot fans to celebrate. Her name is Alisa Bosconovitch, the latest Tekken babe to join the roster. A mysterious girl found sleeping in a glass tube within a heavily-guarded Mishima Zaibatsu research facility, Alisa is assumed to be the masterpiece of scientific genius Gepetto Bosconovitch. Though appearing quite delicate and beautiful, this pleasant-faced young lady is obviously not all that she seems. With chainsaws hidden in her forearms and wing-like jets on her back, it's pretty apparent that Alisa is an anime-style battle-android babe of the highest caliber. Just whose side is she on in the ongoing war in Tekken 6? What is her story?

Well, all that should be revealed in the upcoming home versions. However, we DO know that Alisa is yet another babe who has barefoot customization, making her yet another favorite for barefoot fans. Her unusual stance is teasing and sexy, and her personality is deliberately off-kilter, mouthing pleasant salutations and deadly threats in the same sentence, all the while smiling with a creepy sincerity. Yep, she's weird (add to that the tendency for her head and arms to fall off) but she's incredibly interesting and she's an excitingly new and refreshing addition to the already-large bevy of babes in Tekken. Is she completely a machine, or is there a part of her that's human? How soft are her obviously perfect toes and soles to the touch? How would she enjoy barefoot fans worshipping at her feet?

Well, we'll find out all that there is to know about Alisa in the home versions of Tekken 6. How popular this new virtual babe, who is not only virtual but a virtual ROBOT girl, will be compared to the 'flesh and blood' babes of Tekken remains to be seen and should vary from fan to fan. For now though, check out these vids with Tekken's robo-beauty.

Here's Alisa in action in Bloodline Rebellion, showing off some win animations. She's in her default P1 outfit, sans footwear.

Some more action and win animations with Alisa, this time in her P2 dress outfit, again without footwear. Her 'head-drop' win pose is priceless...

Here's Alisa in a KO ryona vid with Zafina. Though she's a super killer robot, she can still get knocked out (or is it deactivated?) like everyone else. I really like her peaceful, serene face when she's unconscious...

Here's Alisa's Game Over screen, showing off her perfect, invulnerable soles.


  1. "Ultimate Doll" is right. Just look at her... and her feet. :)

  2. Yeah...she's really hot.Another new reason to enjoy the Tekken series. Awesome Sole Keeper. ^_^

  3. i like her second outfit.she looks pretty.=)

  4. WTH why are you obsessed with her feet...