Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kasuga (Sengoku Basara)

Lovely and lethal... you gotta love a barefoot kunoichi like Kasuga.

From the popular Sengoku Basara games (Devil Kings in the U.S.) comes this lovely kunoichi. Kasuga (or Venus) is a blonde-haired assassin who serves the frosty Lord Kenshin (Frost). Though she originally was sent in to assassinate Kenshin, she fell in love with him on sight, and has since been serving him as his personal kunoichi.
Now this lithe and lovely ninja girl is certainly a babe worth any otaku's fancy, though her default outfit, while sexy, isn't the most attuned to barefoot fans' tastes- it's more for stocking enthusiasts. But thankfully she does have an alternate outfit (pictured above) that not only shows off more skin but the skin we foot fans appreciate the most. Check out the following vid of her wearing her sexy alternate costume in action.

Kasuga does some killing in her barefoot alternate outfit.

Kasuga is surely a barefoot babe worth fantasizing about, and to have this hottie at your beck and call, and simply melting in your arms at your touch (and perhaps fainting in pleasure when you kiss her feet) makes me really wish I was an ice-powered daimyo named Kenshin. Anyway, enjoy the vid!


  1. Wow another hot blonde assassin I have to add to my list. I sure wish I was Kenshin too.

    Another great post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  2. Just how big is this "list" of yours, man?

  3. Now I'm scared.