Sunday, April 5, 2009

Games That Should Have Had Barefoot Babes

There are a lot of games out there which could have been a lot more enjoyable for us barefoot fans if the babes in them just took a bit of time and opportunity to show off their sexy feet in alternate outfits or special cutscenes. Here are a few of the great barefoot babe games that could have been...

Resident Evil 5. Yeah, this game is awesome, no doubt. The gameplay borrows a lot from the previous game, but makes it even more playable and mixes things up with a new inventory system and the inclusion of a companion. It would have been awesome if one or more of the babes at least showed off their soles and bared their feet. Main heroine Sheva Alomar has a sexy alternate tribal outfit, but she's still wearing sandals- a barefoot Jungle Girl-look would have been awesome. Then there's villainess Excella Geone- perhaps if she slipped off her sandals and gave Wesker a little footsie, maybe he wouldn't have stuck her with the Ourobouros virus. Finally, there's Jill Valentine... a barefoot outfit should have been included, to make her new femme fatale look sexy as hell. Or maybe there could have been a flashback to her being put into cold sleep, dressed in just a skimpy outfit and shoeless. Ah, well. What could have been...

Streetfighter IV. Right now, I can care less about this game- it's a freaking requel like that Superman Returns movie, not knowing where it stands in the continuity of the saga. But the crappiest thing about it is, all the characters who show off their bare feet are ugly stinky guys. Now, if only they included Streetfighter III babes like barefoot ninja Ibuki, karate girl Makoto or Capoeira princess Elena, this game would have rocked. Or at least they could have given Sakura a true Ryu-look for her alternate outfit and finally gotten rid of her sneakers. Or how about an alternate Chun-Li outfit based on the her SF2 Animated Movie fight scene with Vega? Then there's Cammy- a bikini or swimsuit would be awesome- legions of barefoot fans would love to see her out of her boots (and you can, in the issues of the Streetfighter 2 Turbo comic by Udon). On the flip side, there is a chance that more alternate outfits may come to SFIV- hopefully some barefoot ones for the babes- IF the Capcom devs get off their lazy butts.

Dynasty Warriors. Koei puts out a DW game every year, it seems, and none of them really have barefoot babes to speak off. The closest being Zhu Rong, the blonde barbarian princess, who shows off her toes in her sandals but is otherwise still shod. I guess comely females going barefoot in the middle of battle isn't totally realistic- but then again, so is beautiful courtesans armed with parasols laying waste to whole companies of soldiers. Barefoot female warriors would make the yearly DW release something to look forward to for barefoot fans and make all that monotonous action fresher... or at least, sexier.

Tenchu. This is a ninja game, but sadly female kunoichis Ayame and Rin never go barefoot in the games. If only they followed Ibuki's fashion sense and bared their sexy feet, slinking around would be so much more silent and sexy. To be fair though, you can create your own barefoot ninja babe in the Xbox360 title Tenchu Z... just watch out for sub-par gameplay and less-than-stellar graphics.

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. This clunky fighter may be MK's swan song, it seems, given Midway's current financial troubles. But they could have gotten more sales of the cross-over fighter if they put in more shoeless sirens in the mix. MK isn't known for barefoot babes, but barefoot alternate oufits or maybe character customization could have been included. Barefoot Sonya and Kitana would have been pretty awesome, and made some of the otherwise crappy Fatalities hot. On the DC side, Wonder Woman could have had the option to fight without her boots (like she does in the new animated Wonder Woman movie... HOT!), or they could have included Poison Ivy instead of Catwoman- and I'm talking about the Alex Ross Justice version- the hot nature goddess with normal skin and naked save for leaves around her private parts... man, I want Ivy in all DC games... heheh.

Ah, well. Hopefully as time goes on, character customization will become mandatory for games, allowing for more barefoot babes in more titles, and advanced graphics will make digital feet all the more realistic and sexy. For now though, all we can do is be thankful for the babes that we can enjoy in current games, and look forward to those still to come.


  1. Yeah...I would have loved to see all those women barefoot too (particularly Jill Valentine, Cammy and Sonya Blade). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these girls will go barefoot in the future as well.

  2. I highly agree with RE5. First off, I love the game. I recently finished Professional Mode, so I pretty much dominated it. ^_^ The best experience was looking at Sheva's feet the whole way, even if they're held back by sandals. I also agree about Jill. Since she looks like Nina Williams now, it was the perfect chance to get her barefoot. I would of donated money to Capcom as personal thanks if they did that. OMG, Excella if the boobs didn't drive me crazy enough....^_^

    Aww, I didn't mind Street Fighter IV. It's a really great game. But yes, no barefoot characters. I mean, why not? Everything is about alternate outfits and customizations. Get with the times Capcom! I want Chun Li and Rose barefoot, NOW!

    Tenchu Z is underrated, but I personally enjoyed it. Random missions is good enough for me. Of course, the barefoot option made me happy. The ninja I made looks like Kagura, except if she wore a bit less...But yeah, I agree. Ayame is sexy and Rin is cute. Fatal Shadows could of given us something, but no.

    Mk and DC is another one. Seeing Diana(WW) barefoot in the game would make my day. You mentioned the movie...I love that scene. Wonder Woman can move a lot better barefoot. :)

    When the graphics show the female wiggling and scrunching her toes, then we know realistic barefoot graphics have been achieved. I mean, look at your Lara Croft banner. Soles have come a long way.

  3. You forgot to mention Rose, man. I mean, for a gypsy, she doesn't seem to like being barefoot, you know?

  4. ^ Has a good point. Rose should follow Esmeralda's example. :)

  5. Yeah, Rose is a real missed opportunity- an Esmeralda-esque barefoot gypsy outfit would have rocked, damn it. ^_^ But I would have been happy with barefoot Cammy or Sakura... still hoping for barefoot alternates to come eventually...

  6. RE5: Good Game,Bad Voice Cast.

  7. With you, Stefan, any English voice is bad.

    As for Poison Ivy, hopefully she'll be barefoot in this upcoming game, DC Universe Online. That would certainly be worth seeing.

  8. i don't agree... except for your comments on sf4, but hey anyone must have his ideas, i'd paid to have a "deluxe version" where cammy, and expecially chun li (!!!) have a barefoot version! i fall in love with the SFII Animated Movie scene where she does a barefeet lightning kick right in the face of the poor (lucky!) vega... ah, what a scene... i don't like sheva from RE5i indeed i'm waiting for tekken 6 on my ps3, for finally having the barefoot customization for my goddess nina williams! can't wait for that! :)

  9. Same here, I want a barefoot option in every fighting game as well! To paraphrase Gurney Halleck in Frank Herbert's Dune on hand-to-hand combat: 'When in doubt of your surface, bare feet are best.' And Paul Atredies certainly follows that to the letter, as do the girls in these games when you make them that way.

  10. Soul Calibur IV really ruined fighting games for me. Now I want them all to have customizable clothes and I want to knock the shoes right off of the girls so I can see their stocking feet. (More of a stocking fan than bare fan). Tekken 6 looks promising though. Not only are clothings customizeable but Anna Williams has a move where she kicks her shoe off. If only you could knock the shoes off the other girls it'd be perfect.

  11. This will probably sound incredibly stupid, but whatever... I think there was a missed opportunity in the original Perfect Dark (N64). On the Attack Ship level, when Joanna wakes up and her black dress is ripped, yet she still has her shoes. I personally think it would have been cool for her to have been barefoot in this level. It would be cool to think of her running down those cold, metal corridors with nothing on her feet, maybe they could've changed the footstep SFX to match. Another game that DOES have a barfoot beauty (even though I never personally played it) was Black and Bruised, a very subpar boxing game; the character I'm referring to was Maiagaru; she wasn't bad looking! But since it was a BOXING game I doubt she threw any kicks...

  12. Ah, I remember Black and Bruised's Maiagaru. She was cool and sexy, and the comedic sensibility of the game was nice. Too bad I don't have a copy of this hard-to-find title now... oh well.

  13. We need an alternate ending in tekken tag where anna admires ninas feet while nina is sleeping, flash forward to the next scene and she's gotten carried away and nina awakes to a strong tickling sensation on her soles, and finds she is tied and helpless!

  14. So people... in order for barefoot female warriors to show we need to focus our ability of persuasion and flood game forums and major game company sites with suggestions that concern this matter... otherwise nothing's going to happen.
    Even though the few people that work within the gaming industry try to evoke the beauty of the barefoot woman, they need strong support from the masses, else their ideas and efforts will be rendered footless, so to speak...

  15. I have to voice my opinion on RE5, the game is behind the times by far, compare it to the Gears of War games, Army of Two and so forth! Come on! How can even now RE games still cannot enable people to hipfire! Yes I thought Jill was a blatant spitting image of Nina too, funny cos her hair weren't so blonde in RE1! Annoys me too with each new game Wesker sounds more British, so typical of American stuff to give bad guys English accents.... But back to more important matters!

    Rose in SF, well I hate socks, stockings, tights.... Shoes that bare part of the foot are acceptable though preferably high heels (Dislike open toed shoes note)...
    Well my list for barefeet or footwear bearing part of the foot so long as it's not the toes
    Rose (SF)
    Claire Redfield (RE. Best I've gotten is Code Veronica with the high heel boots)
    Lisa Kusanami (Last Bronx, the cutest teenage girl ever? With that short skirt a strong contender! She wears high heel boots but you don't get to see any part of her foot)
    B.Orchid (Killer Instinct. Wears high heels but you don't get to see any part of her foot or her boobs for that matter actually)
    Charlotte Cold (Samurai Shodown. Again high heeled boots but no feet)
    Mai Shiranui (Plenty of boob which is nice, I read somewhere btw that the feet and boobs are registered in the same part of the brain, if that's true all people here must love breasts too!) I know in some games you can see her toes but that's not enough! Why not fully bare feet or at least have her in sexy footwear?)
    Alice (Shadow Hearts. Halfway there with high heels but has some stockings or whatever, anyway not a mm of feet)
    Diao Chan (Knights of Valour. She has Mai's bounciness but doesn't wear nice shoes and furthermore wears socks which is the worst crime!)

    While we're on the topic of Romance of the 3 kingdoms (What DW is based upon), it's sadly worth noting at least from media that ancient China women often wore socks and flat shoes, real shame I imagine the second part applies to the vast majority of human history even so.... Can't help but be disappointed! There are plenty of beautiful chinese women in media real or imaginary but it's worth noting in old chinese culture female feet is seen as erotic!!!!!)

    I'll post more another time perhaps.
    The WWE games offer some customisation, I ain't a wrestling fan at all but it sure is satisfying making Divas after our favourite game girls! I only customised for WWE smackdown vs RAw 2006 and 2007, neither have great feet properties, characters lack toes!!

    Regarding Chun Li damn right! I love the Anime movie for the feet action! It has never spilled over to the games which is madness! The queen of kicks? C'mon!!! Luckily I bought a small figure of bikini clad Chun Li from Taiwan a few years ago and yep she's barefoot! It's just a toy but hehe!

  16. Just to add Marius, a major problem for me and most I imagine is our fetishes are private and by making a public case to demand more of what we want we expose ourselves... A true dilemma!

    And yes that's what I really hate about SF too, all the men and their feet yuck! At least with chinese kung fu men tend to wear shoes, hence why I'd never take up a non chinese asian martial art as by and large they require one to train barefoot! THEN AGAIN THAT APPLIES TO WOMEN TOO so if I enrol in an all girls class HEHEHE!!!!