Monday, April 20, 2009

Velvet Assassin

Violet Summers: Dressed to Kill.

Here's something to look forward to in the very near future- Velvet Assassin is out before the end of the month or early May. This stealth title is very much like a World War II-era Metal Gear, save with a hot babe in the lead role. Players take control of Violet Summers (based on real-life WWII agent and saboteur Violetta Szabo) as she goes on various covert missions to slow down the Nazi war machine. So, what can barefoot fans expect from this game? Well, that artwork up top isn't just there for show- it's an in-game outfit Violet will wear in certain stages (and yes, bare feet and lingerie are viable attire for espionage in the right situations), both in a weird 'Morphine' mode that seems to be just in Violet's fevered imagination (most of the missions are flashbacks remembered by the comatose heroine from a hospital bed) and in reality as Violet tries to navigate her way half-naked in a hostile hospital.

So far the review from Playr has been a bit testy, citing trial-and-error gameplay leading to some frustration but also giving good points for letting players take control of a hot lingerie-clad babe (at least their minds are on the right track, heheh). I'll probably pick this up myself... I'm a sucker for soft-skinned, soft-soled barefoot assassins. But then, who isn't...?

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  1. Watching a spy carry out her mission in lingerie and bare feet sounds incredibly hot. ^_^ This looks like a very interesting game and character. I'll try to keep an eye out for it in the future.