Friday, April 24, 2009

Onechanbara Vortex the Movie Teaser Trailer

Here's a look at the sequel to last year's Onechanbara the Movie, which was based on D3 Publisher's samurai bikini cowgirl vs zombies hack-and-slash title. Well, this sequel of sorts is based on the more recent Xbox360 release, Onechanbara Vortex. Named predictably Onechanbara Vortex the Movie, this film stars a new actress in the role of main heroine Aya, and more babes and zombies than you can shake a katana at. While the game lets you customize character costumes and dress them down to their bikinis and bare feet, I'm not exactly sure if this movie will give us foot fans that same pleasure. However, this trailer does have a nice, brief view of Aya's bare feet as she's taking a shower. Aside from that, who knows... but with hot babes and zombies, why not give this thing a check? The movie releases direct-to-dvd in Japan in early July.

1 comment:

  1. O_O Great Sole Keeper. Asian feet are incredibly hot.^_^ So are shower scenes. Looks like a cool movie too. I like a good action flick.