Monday, April 20, 2009

Ibuki (Street Fighter)

Ibuki's artwork for Streetfighter III 2nd Impact. My favorite!

Yet another entry in my Ninja Girl series, and this one is truly a no-brainer if you're talking about beautiful barefoot kunoichi. Ibuki from Streetfighter III is easily one of the best barefoot ninja girls in videogames... posting about her here is long, long overdue. Why is Ibuki awesome? Well, one reason is her cool design- she's not your average busty, scantily-clad ninja babe. She's small and slender with an impish, almost pixie-like beauty complemented by her slender but pleasingly athletic frame. Her more traditional, baggy ninja gi seems a bit too conservative at first glance, but really- it's damn sexy... particularly if you're a foot fan. Aside from her slender but muscled arms and a teasing bit of hip, the chief parts of Ibuki exposed are her feet- bare save for the requisite ninja bandages around her instep. Otherwise, the front part of her feet, her heels and toes... they're exposed for us to enjoy. The thought of these talentes toes and soles sneaking about, tip-toeing in and out of the shadows... sexy.

Ibuki's portrait in Streetfighter III: Third Strike. My, what big feet you have!

Ibuki is also awesome for her mad combat skills, her lethal speed, deadly combos and cool special moves. She's wonderfully animated and quite cute and fetching, as despite being a deadly assassin all she really wants to be is a normal girl.

Wonderful CG Ibuki art I found online. Artists always know what parts of her to emphasize...

She's always been portrayed as a very dedicated ninja warrior, and her pretty but strong-looking feet reflect that. They're certainly not dainty or delicate- they're martial artist's feet, callused and hard and meant for running outdoors or engaging in hand to hand, foot to foot combat. But she's still a girl, so gladly her feet are still regularly groomed, smoothened and feminine even after years of kicking. I imagine foot fans would love to see, touch and appreciate this fetching kunoichi's powerful peds to no end. I myself would love to peel off those bandages and give her tired feet a soothing rub at the end of a day's assassination or recon missions. Or I'd use a Transforming Jutsu to morph into her pet raccoon and curl up at her feet to nibble on her toes. Heheh...

Easily the single most awesome fan artwork of Ibuki I've ever seen, made just for us barefoot fans, from artist Scamwich.

Having Ibuki in your gaming nest is easy thanks to an excellent PS2 port of Streetfighter III Third Strike, and a couple of discs on the Dreamcast for the retro fans. No barefoot fan's collection is complete without this spry little kunoichi. With that, enjoy the following vids on Ibuki and fill your mind with images of her beautiful and deadly ninja feet tip-toeing in the shadows...

Here's a vid showing off Ibuki's KO animations closeup, capped from GIFs. I like how her feet flop around as she hits the ground. Maybe I can wake her up with a soothing foot massage...

Here are a few more knockouts with Ibuki, this time in-game. I really like how she slowly slumps to the ground.

Now here's a match vid with Ibuki taking on fellow barefoot babe Makoto.

And finally, wanna see Ibuki live? Here's a cute Ibuki cosplayer in a Capcom Streetfighter Event. Nice, wiggly toes...


  1. Ibuki definitely has some great feet. Thanks for posting these ones, Sole Keeper. :)

  2. I live to share the love, Kyle. You're welcome. ^_^ Ibuki is awesome... I wish she made it into SFIV. Maybe SFV...? Heheh...

  3. Added another pretty awesome fan art of Ibuki in the post- don't miss it, it's a keeper. ^_^

  4. Ah, it's by Scamwich. He sure did a great picture of Ibuki here. :)

    And sometimes, I wonder if her pet tabuki ever got to snuggle against her feet. If so, he's a lucky little furball.

  5. Yay a barefoot Ninja girl. Ibuki totally rocks. I really love these pictures and clips. Awesome post Sole Keeper

  6. Definitely one of my absolute favorite women in fighting game history. Third Strike was so rich when it came to barefoot women. Sure, Elena's well-animated-but-poorly-detailed sprite lacked toes in more than half of its frames, but I'll be damned if the developers hadn't read my mind when they made that one. Hell, I bet they even considered letting the famous Ms. Chun-Li throw down without the classic wrestling boots. Wouldn't that have been beautiful...?

    Anyway, if you wanna see more great Ibuki fan-art, look up artist Omar Dogan on Deviantart. That guy draws a mean Ibuki like it's nobody's business, including a wonderful little four-page comic featuring a great sole shot of her jump-kicking Crimson Viper's dome in.

  7. Thanks for the heads up on Omar Dogan! An Ibuki story is out this July in the Street Fighter II Turbo comic! Gotta check that out...

  8. You've probably heard by now, but Ibuki will be in Super Street Fighter IV!

  9. Yep, indeed, Anonymous. And the whole world of barefoot fans rejoiced! ^_^

  10. Me e dedicado a coleccionar todo lo que tenga que ver con Ibuki los ultimos 5 años. Este post me gustó bastante y creo poder cooperar en el momento que deseen. Saludos de un nuevo Usuario