Monday, April 6, 2009

Nina Williams (Tekken Series)

Nina Williams: Tekken's Blonde, Barefoot Bombshell.

Years ago, when the only other 3D fighter of quality was Sega's Virtua Fighter, Namco rose up with their own fighting game title, then titled Rave War. Eventually though, the name Tekken (Iron Fist) was introduced and the two fighting franchises have been battling it out ever since. One may argue eternally which title is better, but in terms of barefoot babes at the time, there was a clear winner indeed- Tekken introduced us to a hot barefoot blonde bombshell named Nina Williams. An assassin by trade who was as beautiful as she was cold and deadly efficient, this dangerous femme fatale instantly became my favorite.

Nina's original, barefoot P1 costume in the first Tekken.

Though the game certainly is quite primitive and dated by now, the first Tekken's character design for their resident blonde babe was awesome, at least for barefoot fans. Her main outfit (the first of all her trademark purple costumes) was a spandex suit, sleeveless and ending in tight capri-length pants which left her barefoot, showing off her shiny red nail polish. As seen in the Intro cinematic for Tekken on the PSX, Nina wore this outfit on her stealthy assassination missions- the thought of this sexy assassin padding around on silent bare feet is surely a wonderful image on every foot fan's mind. Nina's fighting style was also pretty cool- mixing aikido and 'Bone martial arts', her linking grapples were awesome (and for the time, revolutionary) and unique, and it just went perfectly that a grappler like her would go barefoot for maximum freedom of movement. You can just imagine this fickle babe wrapping her legs around you in a crushing hold and then dominating you with her sexy feet. Then afterwards, she'd place her foot on your chest in victory, forcing you to kiss her long, lovely toes in submission and worship her beautiful, smooth soles (actually, no need to force us, of course...).

Here's a look at the Playstation CG Intro movie for Tekken, featuring barefoot Nina in action.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another, Namco's designers would not retain Nina's barefoot MMA-look in subsequent installments of Tekken, electing instead to go with the more expected and mundane stilletos or boots. Even so, that first, early barefoot outfit of Nina would always remain one of my favorites, making the original Tekken a Must Have in a barefoot fan's gaming library.

Thankfully for barefoot fans everywhere, the latest chapter in the King of Iron Fist Tournament sage, Tekken 6, once again gives us a barefoot Nina Williams through customization. By equipping the item 'No Tights' (Only for Nina's 1P side outfit), you can recreate Nina's sexy barefoot look in the original Tekken, only a lot sexier and of course, in full HD with the awesome graphics of this generation of games. What can I say... Nina has NEVER looked as gorgeous as she does in Tekken 6, and her feet have never been as beautiful and sexy. Nina once again returns as a deadly assassin serving the Mishima Zaibatsu under Jin Kazama, setting out to crush everyone trying to get at her new employer beneath her sexy feet. I can't wait to see Nina kick ass (and get her ass kicked) later this year when Tekken 6 hits consoles. For now, check out these barefoot Nina ryona videos from Tekken 6.

This video shows off Nina in her default P1 outfit, sans footwear. This is perhaps the closest you can get to recreating Nina's original barefoot purple outfit in the first Tekken. It's not an exact match... but, well, looking at how hot it is, I'm not complaining...

The next vid shows off Nina in one of her alternate outfits, a black version of her Death By Degrees costume, again sans any footwear. You can really appreciate how damn beautiful, realistic and detailed her bare soles and toes are in this vid. Tekken 6 is sure to be one of the hottest- if not THE hottest, barefoot babe game ever.

Here's another Tekken 6 vid, showing Nina being hit with Lee Chaolan's side throw (and showing gobs of incredible sole shots in the process). She'll get even with the lout, surely.

This vid has Nina being hit with some throws from Armor King...

And here's Nina on the receiving end of creepy Sergei Dragunov's throws. Once more, lots of great views. If you think the graphics look great here, wait till you see this on your HD TVs, in full 60FPS. Best. CG Feet. Ever. Heheh.


  1. O_O Awesome post Sole Keeper. Nina is one of my all time favorite videogame babes and my absolute favorite Tekken girl. Barefoot customization really rocks and I love that win pose.

    It's true...all of us would jump at the chance to be dominated by and "forced" to worship her feet.

  2. It was only a matter of time before you posted her on here. :D

  3. Nina!!!

    My favorite Tekken character has always been Nina. She's beautiful, kick ass, and very easy to master. *looks at my Nina wall scroll proudly* Even loved Death By Degrees, which nobody enjoyed except us Nina fans. :(

    Hmm, the only complaint I do have about Death By Degrees is not too many feet shots. Nina has amazing feet, since they're so big. She appears to be a size ten, which is perfect for her "Isn't it past your bed time?". More to caress, lick and smell. <3

    Now that barefoot Nina is possible again in Tekken 6, I will anticipate each day until the release on 360. Her feet look amazing in modern HD graphics.

    I've always believed, graphics don't make the game(my opinion, don't hurt me) But when it comes to female barefeet, it sure as hell does.

  4. Ah, Death by Degrees... Nina was hot there, although I have to say the barefoot scenes were pretty non-existent, even if one of the main cutscenes had her in a swimsuit and just out of a pool. Never really got into it, though I tried playing a bit. Oh well.

    Graphics aren't vital for appreciating barefoot babes in games- I think that appreciating game babes was, at least for older games, more imagination on the part of the watcher as it was the actual visuals onscreen. ^_^ But yeah, HD graphics and the current level of detail in the best games are things to really enjoy.

  5. Nina in Tekken 6 is much more enjoyable dishing out the pain and dominating other characters in her win pose animations- particularly the one where she is standing over her unconscious opponent's body and nudges them with her foot... then she smiles evilly afterwards. Mad hot. ^_^ Such a nasty, nasty girl. Gotta love her.

  6. lol, Yeah, very few Nina feets. The game was pretty good, although could of been better. But I love Nina, since I must stay biased...

    True. I remember drawing(or having friends draw) females from various games at the time. Seeing them barefoot was amazing, and always had me curious. I remember someone making me a Terra(from FF6) showing her soles fanart. So yes, taking those cute sprite characters and using your imagination helps.

    Imagination kicked it a lot for Chun Li. I always wondered, with all that kicking, her feet must be extremely delicious. I was eventually right, with the animated movie. Though she likes to show her powerful legs off most of the time, it always gave me access to barefoot fantasies.

    Yes, Nina's hotness is epic. I want to experience for myself when the time comes. After seven(?) games with Nina, this will be the best yet.

  7. You know what's weird? It says that Nina's from Ireland, but she sure doesn't sound like it. Either that, or she's an Irish-American.

    I just had to get that out of my system.

  8. Asuka_Is_So_Hot!May 23, 2010 at 11:37 AM

    Ok shes good but still I think Asuka is the hottest of all tekken girls!

  9. Nina-Williams-Is-Very-HotJune 2, 2010 at 2:42 PM

    Wow Shes Hot She sure is the most beautiful tekken girl EVER! Iam so inlove with her!!

  10. Nina-Williams-Is-Very-HotJune 2, 2010 at 2:55 PM

    Guys look in tekkenpedia 1st search on google tekkenpedia click tekkenpedia and then once you go there type in nina williams go down that page and youll see nina in a bikini!!wow i would so want to be her boyfriend if she was real and not an assasin!

  11. I never liked Tekken and still don't but the only thing that warrants a play is Nina! And she is a big reason too! I like her most in Tekken 3 and Tag, her secondary clothes with the trousers and stilettos is tasty! Many say she's very similar to Sarah Bryant but I see them as rather different other than hair, Sarah's 7 inches taller and more slender. Love seeing Nina stomp on her foes too! Especially when she twists her foot! What got me more interested in her was a Tekken 3 comic where she was beaten by GunJack and rescued by Anna, who literally carried her away, seeing women carried really does it for me especially if they're carried by another woman! Something so vulnerable about that, particularly as it's Nina, the hardcore killer being carried by a woman, makes her seem so weak! Dislike Nina's costumes from Tekken 5 and onwards but aha I can customise!

  12. i think anna and ninas mother is hot cuz shes daughters are!

  13. solekeeper i think u like asuka the best