Monday, April 13, 2009

Rio Kinezono (Burn Up!)

The long-time Burn Up! anime is a pretty standard title for busty babes and big guns. There have been several incarnations of this action-comedy, but most of them usually have this buxom beauty at the forefront. Rio Kinezono is beautiful, can kick ass and is always looking out for the big score so she can live on easy street. Unfortunately she tends to lose money as often as she gets into trouble, so she'll most probably have to keep kicking butt on the force as her team's pointwoman for the forseeable future.

Anyway, Rio's shown off her hot bod in quite a few occasions, and that includes her hot bare feet. This hottie is fickle, hot-tempered and violent (as often anime babes are), but she's also irresistibly loveable, which is demonstrated in Burn Up! Excess where her beauty, personality and feminine wiles charm none other than an A.I. controlled Supertank to be her boytoy.

In this vid, from Episode 4 of Burn Up! W OAV, Rio is forced to striptease by a jacked-up thug holding one of her comrades hostage, but ends up turning the tables. Nice views of this barefoot babe in action, including a pretty awesome closeup of Rio's powerful and pretty bare foot pressing on pervy geek Yoji's face. Man, to get up close and personal with such gorgeous toes and soles... and a tender hug and kiss as well. That Yoji's one lucky guy. Wouldn't we all want to be in his place? Sigh.


  1. How I envy that Yoji. I bet he'd enjoy rubbing Rio's long toes as much as I would.

  2. Man...that was really REALLY hot. Awesome post Sole!!

  3. Thanks. The second clip in particular became a fast fave of mine. Rio is damn hot... Yoji is such a lucky dude.