Thursday, April 16, 2009

Natsuki Kisumi and Rina Takaoka (Natsuki Crisis)

Now here's a pretty hot one. I've seen a lot of awesome fights in anime, but really kick-ass girl-on-girl battles are few and far between. Even rarer are ones where the hotties engaging in combat are barefoot, showing off their sexy fighting feet to the fullest. Well, this is certainly one of those gold moments in anime- a full-on martial arts duel between two incredibly hot and sexy barefoot schoolgirls from the Madhouse-produced, 2-episode OVA, Natsuki Crisis. On one side is Natsuki Kisumi, a skilled karate student and titular heroine of the show. On the other is Rina Takaoka, a motorcycle enthusiast and wrestler.

Not only is this fierce and sexy battle incredibly well-animated with wonderfully beautiful character designs and animation (even for an older anime), the views we see of the girls' beautiful, strong feet are pretty amazing, with nicely-drawn toes and soles from various angles. My one and only gripe with the fight is that it doesn't actually end in a knockout, but still with a nice bit of editing at least the vid ends with a bit of a conclusion. I'm sure after watching this, any barefoot fan will be wanting to give their favored girl a much-deserved foot rub or massage for their tired feet. So watch and enjoy the show... clips like this don't come every day!

Wrestling vs. Karate... which barefoot babe will prevail?


  1. O_O I think I'm in love. With which one? I'm not telling.

  2. Wow...that barefoot catfight was hot!!! Awesome post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  3. Thanks, King. Glad you guys love the fight, like I did. On which girl I prefer, I'd go with Kisumi (though Rina's also darn hot)... karate girls rock my world.

  4. Oh hell yeah. I mean, I'm not so much into the whole schoolgirl thing, but forget all that. This is two barefoot martial arts women throwing down in a brutal catfight. That's all me, man. All me. Natsuki is the one I like more, but what happened at the end? Did she pass out? Give up? I'm confused. Without audio, it sure does look like Rina ghosted her.

    By the way, any chance of getting that Megumi vs Zhang Li video from Fighting Beauty Wulong posted on your DailyMotion page? Although I hate how the fight turned out (I despise those cheap "100% turnarounds" in anime fights), Zhang Li was frickin' sexy.

  5. I actually edited the vid to make it more of a straight fight which ended with what seemed to be a KO. However, the actual video has lots of stuff with Kisumi acting like she's having fun, and her attitude apparently eventually winning Rina over... so Rina releases her hold, Kisumi's conscious and smiling, and they make up. Not the best of endings for me- I prefer a more decisive finish. ^_^