Thursday, April 23, 2009

Misaki Yamamoto (Hatsukoi Limited)

Misaki Yamamoto in the Hatsukoi Limited manga.

Here's a very recent and EXCELLENT discovery I made. Hatsukoi Limited (translated as 'FIrst Love Limited' is a high school relationship comedy anime with some ecchi elements. It's based on a manga and is a pretty sweet, funny show with lots of incredibly cute girls. The hottest babe for me though is Misaki Yamamoto.

Episode 2 of the anime introduces Misaki to us in a pretty long sequence where she's barefoot the whole time. She pays a visit to her next-door neighbor Mamoru, crawling in through his window and proceeds to wreak havoc on the guys' libidos. The camera just LOVES this hottie, and every frame of her is pretty much a pin up-ready image. Aside from being stunningly gorgeous and effortlessly sexy, this easy-going semi-tomboy is smart, cool and she's an expert in SUBMISSION HOLDS. She's certainly fun to be around with and not one of those 'keep your hands off' girls. Certainly this wild beauty is a babe all of us foot fans would love to get down with, to worship her kissable feet, give her foot rubs and massages, or best of all, engage in some good-natured wrestling matches. I'd love to get jobbed by this beauty, and let her wrap her legs around my neck in a grapple, or put her foot on my chest in victory. Awesome! Anyway, enough gushing... check out the videos and get your Misaki fix now!

This first vid shows Misaki entering the picture like some barefoot goddess coming down to earth. Nice views of her soles and priceless reaction from lucky perv, Kusuda. Her shirt speaks for herself, heheh...

This scene has Misaki having a heart-to-heart with gentle thug Misao. Advice AND a submission hold... I love this girl.

And finally, here's the best scene for me, since it has a knockout. Kusuda demonstrates his weird 'talent' on an unsuspecting Misaki, rendering her unconscious (nice power!). Unfortunately for the guys though, even when out cold Misaki's not entirely defenseless. More sexy foot shots and sexy grapples from this awesome barefoot babe.

Hatsukoi Limited just started, and is set for 12 episodes. I'm not sure if there are more barefoot babe scenes as good though. However, this is a really entertaining and cool series that may be worth checking out regardless. Enjoy!


  1. Only twelve episodes? After seeing her, it needs to be longer than that! But it still looks like it's worth trying out. I will see if I can find it somewhere. Great post, SK. ^_^

    And did you notice in the last picture that her feet look big from a side view?

  2. I don't find it unusually big- I'd think it's just the shoes. I really like the art style of this title- the girls are so cute but darn sexy.

  3. O_O Awesome. This girl looks really hot. I can understand that guy's reaction. It does look fun to be in her wrestling holds. ^_^

    Definitely another anime I'll have to check out.

  4. Y'know, I must be lucky. This Misaki character reminds me of a lot of girls I know, friends and former love-interests who felt utterly unthreatened being in my presence in nothing but a shirt and panties or short-shorts. I can't help but relate to that poor thuggish sap who Misaki hangs out with, being that I have tons of gorgeous female friends, none of whom are really mine for the taking(they're all either taken, borderline psychotic, lesbians, or way too good for a punk like me). So sad. Great girls, though. Great girls.

    This collection of clips brought back some really swell memories.

    Oh, and Misaki is pretty fine, too. Fighting ability instantly makes any girl ultra-sexy to me, plus her feet are well-drawn.