Monday, April 27, 2009

Ivy (Soulcalibur IV)

Off with those boots! Off with those boots!

Yet another babe from Soulcalibur IV gets the spotlight, and this time it's one of the most popular and well-known in the roster, the tall, busty and dangerous femme fatale, Isabella Valentine or simply Ivy for short. Ever since this mistress of the whip-sword appeared in the first Soul Calibur waaaay back during the Dreamcast days, players knew she was special. Aside from the unique weapon she wielded and her impressive physical attributes, Ivy had confidence and spunk which made her a standout among the fighters in the Stage of History. Her costume of course left little to the imagination, but for the longest time barefoot fans could only imagine the loveliness hidden inside her high-heeled boots.

Well, wonder no longer as Soulcaibur IV lets us enjoy the Delightful Dominatrix as we want her- scantily-clad AND barefoot, showing off her perfect, beautiful bare feet in the heat of combat. And of course, her moves and attacks show off her sexy soles off perfectly.

Ivy is an easy object of sex appeal- she was obviously designed to titillate from the very beginning with her provocative attire and personality. However, as her storyline reveals, this is a determined, courageous lady who has fought long and hard to defeat the evil that has corrupted her, permeated her from her very birth. She was borne of evil, but was steadfast to not let that darkness consume her. Admittedly, she has tread dark paths and has committed 'atrocities' both in her days as a misguided servant of Nightmare and later as a vigilante against Soul Edge's evil. But in Soulcalibur IV, we see the true Ivy emerge- a heroine who fought to the last, and was ready to accept her apparent fate to be judged for her past sins. It was a true pleasure though to see Ivy redeemed fully at the end, given a chance to have a new life and live free of her past.

Barefoot fans should therefore not hesitate to fantasize about this beautiful bombshell to the fullest. Though she may be totally capable (and an expert) at being a dominating diva who dishes out the pain, she can surely be quite willing and perhaps grateful to receive for a change- in this case, loving worship from admiring foot fans. From head to toe, there's a whole lotta woman to love in Miss Valentine. Of course for us, her sexy feet- long and lovely toes with pearly toenails and alabaster soles smooth as silk are surely among her best assets.

Enjoy Ivy's moment of triumph in Soulcalibur IV's story mode, bikini-edition.


  1. Ivy is really awesome. I love the caption for the the picture. ^_^ Great post Sole Keeper!!

  2. Thanks. I'm actually in quite a Soulcalibur IV mood these days. It's really an awesome game... hopefully it will tide me over a lot as I wait for Tekken 6... ^_^

  3. You and I share the same thoughts on Ivy, Sole Keeper. :)

  4. Wouldn't be suprised her feet must hurt wearing the high heels allot. Less stress with out them.