Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tsubura (Shura No Toki)

Here's another barefoot ninja girl on offer. Her name is Tsubura, an irresistibly cute tomboy heroine from the Feudal Era action anime, Shura No Toki. Though at first seemingly a female member of a much-feared Mutsu martial arts school, she is eventually revealed to be a cunning kunoichi with revenge on her mind. Appearing in the second arc of the series, this hot-headed lass teams up with the real Mutsu in order to further her goal of assassinating the Shogun. Tsubura is barefoot the whole time, and the camera lovingly cuts to wonderful closeups of her beautiful and skilled bare feet numerous times throughout the episodes... she communicates a lot through those lovely toes and soles, digging into the soil or floor as she prepares and tenses for combat. Awesome.

Though she's at odds with the main hero and is quite a handful with her tough-as-nails attitude and single-minded drive to carry out her mission, it is quite apparent that there is indeed a delicate, lovely princess beneath the rough and ready fighting babe. Her quest may end in tears and tragedy, but at least she comes through alive and perhaps a better person. I'm sure foot fans will love to fantasize about this gorgeous ninja babe- surely we'd all love to comfort her in her time of grief with loving foot massages and kisses on her beautiful toes and soles. Surely one of my favorite and all-time best barefoot anime babes, Tsubura is one ninja babe and fighter standing heads and shoulders over the rest. So check out the following video which brings together most, if not all of Tsubura's best scenes in the anime.

Uploaded by SolePatrol


  1. She is definitely pretty, but I would hate to piss her off. Her feet don't look too bad either. :)

    In retrospect, I'm surprised Match25 didn't comment on this first.

  2. Wow...Almost 15 minutes of pure Ninja Girl awesomeness!! I'd defitely love to massage her feet! Great post Sole Keeper!!

  3. Thanks, King! This is definitely one of my favorite vids, and one of my favorite barefoot anime babes. She's barefoot all the time and you see so much of her, which is awesome. Posting it was long overdue. ^_^