Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken Series)

Ling Xiaoyu: Kung Fu Feet at their Cutest.

Yet another Tekken babe, the super-cute Ling Xiaoyu is one of the most popular and well-known fighters in the long-running franchise. Boasting one of the most beautiful and graceful fighting styles seen in a fighting game plus a loveably cute personality, Ling has surely tip-toed into many a barefoot fan's fantasies since she debuted in Tekken 3. Surely, this kung-fu expert has strong, beautiful feet, with perfectly-formed toes and soles smoothened by countless kicks. From Tekken 3 to Tekken 5 though, fans have had to imagine how awesome she could be barefoot since Xiaoyu has never shown off her feet in a Tekken game... until now. Once again, barefoot fans have Tekken 6 to thank for finally giving us Xiaoyu's bare feet to ogle, admire and enjoy. Perhaps it was just as well the perfect time to see them, with Ling quite a bit more mature now (at least physically, if not in behavior) and surely at her most beautiful and sexy. One more reason to await Tekken 6 for consoles, later this year. For now, enjoy more of these videos with barefoot Ling.

Here is Ling kicking butt in Bloodline Rebellion and showing off a bit in her win animations. Ling's petite but potent feet are revealed to be as lovely as we've always imagined them. Imagine her waving them in your face!

Here's Ling in her P1 Qipao dress outfit sans shoes (Barefoot Customization is nicely free and ready-to-use in Bloodline Rebellion), getting KO'ed and showing off some nice sole shots in the process.

Here's Ling in another KO vid, knocked unconscious by Zafina who's just sitting next to her, staring. Well, if Xiaoyu was lying before me like this, I'd be staring at her too... though probably I'd do more than just stare. I'd surely venture to give Ling a soothing massage for her beautiful, unconscious feet. And maybe sneak in a kiss or two on her soles before she wakes up (and kicks my ass). Heheh...

More KOs with Ling from Zafina. This time, Ling's in a sexy 'rabbit shirt' custom, which nicely shows off a bit of mid-riff.

This vid has Xiaoyu in the grip of creepy Sergei Dragunov (damn luck guy), who sends her off to dreamland again. Where is Dragunov crawling to? To a better position for a better view of Ling's feet, of course.


  1. Petite? Her feet look bigger in the second and third video.

    Regardless, I bet a cute young lady like her could use a massage after a hard day's fight. :)

  2. Her feet are petite relative to some of the other girls in the game- the proportions of the character models in Tekken 6 are stylized, to say the least (but I think skewed favorably for barefoot fans' tastes) but in general Ling is the smallest of the girls. ^_^

  3. Still, she's a favourite of mine as well as many others, mainly because she's cute and she has nice feet. :)

    BTW, I can't get over your banner. Where did you find that picture of Lara Croft?

  4. Xiaoyu is really cute. She seems so energetic and playful that waving her feet in someone's face doesn't seem out of character. :-D I really like her a lot. Great post Sole Keeper.

  5. What did I tell you? More fans out there than you can imagine.

  6. Kyle, I made that Lara Croft banner myself using the free app XNALara which lets you pose and play around with the character models from Tomb Raider Underworld. It's pretty awesome, as you can see... and it's free. You can check it out at the tomb raider chronicles forums.

    Glad you liked the post, King. ^_^ More Tekken girls soon...

  7. Something about the pairing of chinese fashion with bare feet makes a woman absolutely irresistable to me, even when it's someone I normally can't stand- Xiaoyu, for instance, one of the fighting game women I like the least. Give her the option of going barefoot in that kung fu outfit of hers and she's instant gold.

    Funny how that works.

  8. yo sole dude why dont you make a lin xiaoyu video vs julia... showing juila throwing/lifting lin in her bare feet?

  9. *lin in bare feet not julia

  10. Im Inlove with xiaoyu