Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hitomi E3 2012 Gameplay Foot-age! (Dead or Alive 5)

She's back in her gi and looking awesome!

Dead or Alive 5 is being shown off at this year's E3, and lots of gameplay is finally being revealed. Also now come to light is the fact that our favorite karateka, Hitomi, has gotten her karate gi (or uniform) back! It's not quite the same as in previous games, but at least she's still totally-barefoot in it (no instep guard nonsense for this hardcore cutie) and looking darn great. I'm still bummed out that it still seems that no one ever gets knocked out in this beat 'em up, but having barefoot babes in this sexy brawler kinda assuages my outrage.

On another, but similar, note, it's already clear that characters in DOA5 are getting multiple costumes- apparently there will also be 'sexy' outfits in the final release, and in an announced Collector's Edition. The sexy outfits haven't yet been all shown off, but Kasumi's is one of her DOAX swimsuits. We still haven't been shown a full pic of Kasumi in the swimsuit, so unless I see her actually barefoot in it (DOAU had her in a bikini but wearing darn sandals) I'll hold off celebrating. In any case, it looks like Dead or Alive 5 won't be scrimping on the sex appeal and fan service, so that makes it something to look forward to in a few months. Man, which will be the hotter game- DOA5 or Tekken Tag 2? It's pretty clear though- VF5 Final Showdown kicks both of their asses handily... heheh.

Anyway, check out the nice HD vid of barefoot karate girl Hitomi kicking some non-barefoot kunoichi butt. Enjoy! UPDATE: There are lots more Dead or Alive 5 with Hitomi in her Karate Gi over at the IGN Pro League Youtube Channel, but they're not as crisp as the vid above. Check 'em out for more Hitomi!

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