Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown: The Best Barefoot Babe Fighter has Arrived

The best barefoot babes in fighting games are ready to brawl for you.

 As I was about to start writing this feature, I was debating at first whether or not to put a question mark at the end of the title- but in the end, I decided not to. For there really isn't any doubt of that. Pound for pound, babe for babe, foot by lovely bare foot... Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (or VF5FS for short) is THE fighting game barefoot babe fans need to have. Of course, it sits just ahead of a couple of also Must-Have brawlers that have been this blog's mainstay of hot soles for the past couple of years. Close behind in second place is solidly Tekken 6, with it's awesome fleshy soles, sexy KOs and hot Tekken Babes. Bringing up third are the wonderful, mod-able PC Streetfighter games- Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition and Streetfighter X Tekken.

The opposition are in many aspects superior to VF5FS; Tekken has more babes, better-rendered soles and toes. Streetfighter brings the fun, amazing camera angles, amazing (if stylized) detailed feet and the teasing fun of modding. However, Sega's fighter just brings with it simple solid barefoot luxury. Five babes, all uber-hot, all now finally given Barefoot Customization, all as well allowed to go as sexy as mainstream non-porn games can allow- bikinis, and bare feet- a combo that just can't be beat. Add to this the game's peerless animation, the hot fighting action just allows for some truly sexy knockouts... well, this is a game that I just find so satisfying to play and watch.

Customizations aplenty... of course only ONE customization is actually vital...

All is not perfect- gaming wise, the content is a bit bare bones aside from the actual Character Customization (which trounces the other games to no end). You will need to love the VF style of fighting gameplay to really get into this game, which shouldn't be too hard since this version of VF5 is easily the most accessible, most entertaining and enjoyable to play. Now, I don't really care about online much, but it's there- all I need is the babes, their wardrobe of hot costumes, the ability to keep their feet firmly uncovered and to just watch them go into action. Surely, after every brawl these lovely babes will want their tired feet to be kissed, serviced and massaged by their loving fans. And really... the VF girls' feet just look so soft and delicate (as opposed to the tough femme feet in Streetfighter) and oh, so spotless all the time. Perfection, that's what this game is, in terms of barefoot hotness. I'm sure to enjoy this game as long as I can hold a controller. Or till VF6 arrives... heheh.

Really, with this game running on a big TV before you, you can see how awesomely hot it is- nothing quite like a barefoot, bikini babe in HD kicking high, her soles into your face right in front of you. Man, the VF babes are awesome... and they're all mine to play with now. Well, ours... heheh.


Yeah, it's practical to fight in just a bikini... really!

 Anyway, here's the goods! Some of the first fight vids made with the PS3 version of VF5FS. Thankfully NO MORE DATA or inputs or logos blocking our view, and the vids are now in HD. I'll be posting vids from this game from here on in, of the various girls (there ARE only five of them, so I'll get to each in time) in varying outfits (the common factor of course will be, well, bare feet).


Would you be able to focus on a fight with a babe as hot as Sarah..?

I can play this game forever.... or till VF6...

All the babes are hot in their own ways... find your favorite!

I can't even begin to express how HOT this game is... particularly now in HD and without all the stupid input data blocking the view!

I know I kinda mentioned in an earlier post I'd be going with Aoi, but man... who can resist Sarah Bryant in her bikini? I can't, dudes. She just wrapped her leg around my neck and I had to give in. So check out these first vids and enjoy! More will be on the channel, or to be posted in future articles as we go. Enjoy!
VF5 Final Showdown is now available for sale and download on PSN and XboxLive! Get it now for endless barefoot babe brawling enjoyment!!!

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